These Are The World’s Most Beautiful Parks

Being in big Metropolitan cities is always exciting. Encountering large, diverse groups of people – all fascinating in their own right – as well as experiencing wonderful food, shopping and cultures are all fantastic. However, sometimes the hustle and bustle of it all can become overpowering, which is why you sometimes need to take a break from it all and see something else. Many of these Metropolitan cities have some beautiful parks that will recharge your batteries and I’ve broken down the most beautiful ones.

Central Park, New York

Central Park, must be without a doubt, the most famous park in the world. Situated in the middle of Manhattan, this beautiful park has featured in many TV shows and movies.

With approximately 42 million people visiting the park each year, it goes without saying you will encounter other people. Despite this, it is a relaxing haven in between the high pitched honking of yellow taxi cabs speeding up and down the avenues of Manhattan.

Griffith Park, Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known to have some amazing parks, containing lovely trails to go hiking. These trails can be found in the second largest city park in California – Griffith Park.

The famous Griffith Observatory is located within the grounds and has one of the best views of Los Angeles. One can also see the Hollywood Sign from here. The park is also often featured in movies and media – recently British luxury fashion brand Burberry held a fashion show at the Observatory.

Jardin Du Luxembourg, Paris

Located in the 6th Arrondissement of the French capital Paris, Jardin Du Luxembourg was created in 1612. Some 400 years later and it is still recognized as one of the most beautiful parks in the world.

The beautiful park features many fountains and sculptures, as well as the Palais de Luxembourg, where Marie De’ Medici lived. The groomed greenery in the park is also outstanding.

Villa Doria Pamphili – Rome

Once belonging to the Pamphili family, this Villa with its surrounding gardens is a pure reflection of stunning landscaping. Previously owned by a noble family, the surrounding gardens are now open to the public. The villa dates far, far back with the Pamphili family purchasing it in 1630.

This park is a gem, as it is more frequented by locals rather than tourists, which ensures a perfect environment to wind down after taking in the city’s many sights. The park also houses some concerts and performances, under the shade of the beautiful pine trees.

Hyde Park – London

A list of beautiful parks wouldn’t be complete without the gorgeous Hyde Park. Located in the centre of London, Hyde Park is a great escape from the high paced tempo of London. Hyde Park was created in 1536 as a hunting ground for the then King – Henry VIII.

The beautiful park features grand open spaces, beautiful roads for walking and many memorials and beautiful sculptures, it is truly quite a sight to behold.  One can take in some beautiful art at the Serpentine Gallery, or take a paddle boat out on the Serpentine.

Photo credits: Vetle Egeland, Huffington Post, Traveldigg, LA Times, Timeout, Juliettep60, Soundlandscapes, Italy Guides, Maison Caio Mario



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