Maxim Meyer-Horn

28 Dec 2021

These 8 Albums Will Come Out in January

A new month and year are ahead of us, which also means that there’s a lot of new music coming out. To give you an overview of everything that’s coming out, we’ll give you a monthly update of new albums to expect. From superstars to debuting acts, we got an eye for everyone and everything without looking at genres. Here are eight albums that will come out next month and are worth the anticipation.

FKA Twigs — Capri Sun

FKA Twigs’ last album Magdalene was such a monumental moment in music that she became one of the most celebrated musicians of recent years. With her incredible The Weeknd collab “Tears In The Club”, her debut mixtape Capri Sun—FKA Twigs has often hinted that name but hasn’t confirmed it yet—had a first impressive single and could be FKA Twigs’ next step to world domination.

‘Capri Sun’ will be released on 14 January.

Mustii — It’s Happening Now

The Belgian singer Mustii took his time to work on his second album New Becoming, but we’re sure that his new body of work is worth the wait. Besides being a gifted artist, Mustii is a celebrated actor in movies, series, and theater plays, which also inspired him to dive even deeper into storytelling through music. On It’s Happening Now, he’s getting in the skin of his uncle who committed suicide after battling with schizophrenia, and the singles already gave us goosebumps all over our bodies.

‘It’s Happening Now’ will be released on 21 January.

Years & Years — Night Call

Olly Alexander had a great year with his praised appearance in BBC’s series It’s A Sin but also worked on new Years & Years material. The third album Night Call is Alexander’s first album as a solo project and once again highlights his ability to write great pop songs. Talking about the album, he says: “I was writing from a fantastical space, stuck in the same four walls. I wanted to have as much pleasure as possible in the music.” Based on what we’ve heard from the album so far, we can feel the pleasure he had while working on this album.

‘Night Call’ will be released on 21 January.

AURORA — The Gods We Can Touch

The Norwegian singer AURORA introduced us to her pop fairytales in 2015, when her song “Runaway” became a global hit. Her dreamy melodies inspired by Nordic folk and electro-pop have captivated us many times and we’re sure that her third album The Gods We Can Touch will be as mesmerizing as we expect it to be. AURORA is our favorite pop fairy and already got us to dance with her newest single “Cure For Me”.

‘The Gods We Can Touch’ will be released on 21 January.


The New York-based collective MICHELLE already appeared on our radar last March. In our interview, they already teased the follow-up of their debut album HEATWAVE and already told us that they brought it to the next level. With inspirations coming from synth-pop to jazz and ’90s R&B, MICHELLE portrays the new generation of music and gets us excited for a new album.

‘AFTER DINNER WE TALK DREAMS’ will be released on 28 January.

Alice Glass — Prey//IV

After touring the world as one-half of the popular Canadian electro band Crystal Castles, Alice Glass took faith into her own hands and started her solo project. Glass’ music is difficult to describe, but we’ll give it a try: euphoric electro-pop with dark and industrial elements. Fans of Charli XCX’s more alternative work or Grimes will adore Alice Glass, and we can’t wait to hear her debut album Prey//IV after a handful of overwhelming singles like “BABY TEETH” and “FAIR GAME”.

‘Prey//IV’ will be released on 28 January.

Amber Mark — Three Dimensions Deep

Amber Mark’s exploration of life’s meaning helped her create her first full-length project. Three Dimensions Deep was written during quarantine when the singer asked herself questions about existence. With a sound that ranges somewhere between R&B, pop, and soul, Amber Mark brings some heartwarming energy that will fill your mind with peace. This is not just music for the ears but for your whole soul.

‘Three Dimensions Deep’ will be released on 28 January.

MØ — Motordome

MØ’s music has been streamed over three billion times on Spotify alone, making her one of the biggest pop acts of Europe. The Danish singer has already been around for some time and released two well-received albums in 2014 and 2018. MØ knows how to craft a real bop and is known for her irresistible songs that will stay in your head for days. Her comeback single “Live To Survive” was exactly what we needed to stay hyped during the lockdown and was only the first glimpse of Motordome.

‘Motordome’ will be released on 28 January.

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