Claudia Crovato

7 Mar

Tobi Lou Might Be the Next Big Thing in Rap Music

Tobi Lou is the next big thing in music, that’s for sure. The Chicago-native has been dropping a significant number of new tracks over a short period of time. The rising star clearly has no time to waste as his fan base keeps on growing. Bring it on Lou, cause we can’t get enough of you.

“Tobi Lou with the Troop”

It’s only been five days since Tobi dropped the visuals for his single “Sailor”. Yesterday he surprised again with his brand new single Troop. This time around, he teamed up with Smino, who had his break-through in 2017. Together the duo created a bouncy song which totally sets the mood right for springtime. To be honest, we think 2018 might be the year for Lou.

Anime and Cartoons

His music is lively and oh so catchy.  If his songs don’t get you dancing around the house, we don’t know what else will. But what we might appreciate the most is his playful creativity. None of his work sounds similar to anything out there.

We know, we know… we’ve raved about artists being unique before but this one really takes it to a higher level. Really, let’s discuss his visuals for a bit. They might be one of the most stimulating videos we’ve ever seen.

Have you ever seen an artist perfectly balancing between rap and R&B over visuals loaded with anime and cartoons? Yeah, we neither.

Tobi Lou And The Moon

“Solange” is the first track of his latest EP Tobi Lou And The Moon. Short but sweet, this three-track project will  have you hitting that replay button multiple times. It’s loaded with fun lyrics and an overall vibrant vibe. We can’t decide on our favorite track yet but what we do know for sure is that we want more! Listen to the EP down below and let us know what you think.


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