1 Oct

What took Kendall Jenner so long to get to fashion week?

Fashion month is making its way through the 4 biggest fashion cities in the world. Streetstyle stars are serving major looks, designers are showing their next collection and the photographers are there to catch it all on camera. Same old, same old. The only ‘thing’ that was missing was Kendall Jenner. The supermodel did a few shows in New York, but then disappeared from the fashion week radar. Shouldn’t she be slaying the runway, just like BFF and colleague supermodel Gigi Hadid?

You would have expected her to walk the runway of Versace, Fendi and, of course, Balmain.  Olivier Rousteing is probably still crying over the fact that one of the Kardashians turned down his show. Leaving him no other choice than inviting both Kim and Kourtney as well as Kris Jenner. Poor Olivier! But there’s hope. Kendall was spotted at JFK airport in New York [picture on the right]. The next day, on Saturday to be exact, the model confirmed the rumours by tweeting “hi paris!”. Kendall has officially arrived in the Queen of all fashion weeks, Paris Fashion Week.

Quality over quantity

Why would a model as big as Kendall Jenner skip London fashion week, Milan fashion week and a big part of Paris fashion week? According to Vogue, the model and her management are doing something really smart. They’re creating a demand. It’s not like Kendal Jenner -or any other member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan- is in need of more money.
By not walking a lot of shows but being selective in the shows she’s walking, Kendall is keeping herself scarce. Because, what better “get” is there for a casting director or designer than a star no one else can have?

We expect Kendall Jenner to only walk 2 more shows this season. Our guess is that the supermodel will walk the Givenchy runway tomorrow (Sunday) and the Chanel show later next week. But for now, we’ll just have to wait and see. [UPDATE: Kendall DID walk the Givenchy runway, click HERE for her runway shot]

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