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7 Apr

Our Top 10 Headscarves To Do The Mike Posner TikTok Trend

What do fashionable headscarves and Mike Posner have in common? TikTok. That’s right! The app has done it again. “Please don’t go”, a song from Posner’s 2010 album, has risen from the grave. The song wasn’t particularly a hit back in the day, but somehow it is topping the charts in 2021. Why? Because someone somewhere decided to make a silly but funny Tiktok around it, and that’s how success works these days.

Headscarf, neckscarf, bagscarf, topscarf, …

The good old headscarf-trend will rule this summer, with or without TikTok songs to go along with it. Headscarves are not a new trend, the infamous actresses Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly have been rocking them decades before TikTok was even born. It’s a classic staple and statement piece that will elevate every outfit, especially when you have a greasy hair day. From vintage to new, headscarves are items that you will own for a lifetime.

They are not only fashionable but will also protect your hair and skin from sun damage. Why we love it so much? You can tie them around your head, neck, bag, wrist, or even use it as a top. To make a long story short: headscarves are incredibly versatile and easy to pack in your suitcase. That’s why we have listed our top ten picks to look at when you’re thinking about buying a cute foulard.

iranahp dior scarf bandana as top

@iranahp in her Dior foulard as a top




Dior Diortwin scarf AW21 Foulard

Dior Diortwin Scarf AW21 Reversible Oblique €450 (90cm x 90cm)


hermes foulard

Hermes Faubourg Tropical Scarf (Create Your Own) €385 (90cm x 90cm)

snapback Farah fendi scarf foulard

@snapbackfarah in her Fendi foulard as a headscarf

fendi Fendirama foulard Tiktok trend mike posner

Fendi Fendirama Foulard €250 (70cm x 70cm)


Ganni girls scarf animal print

Ganni Silk Twill Scarf €55 (one size)

arket zebra silk scarf foulard

Arket Printed Silk Scarf €55 (80cm x 80cm)

Louis Vuitton foulard summer square Tiktok trend

Louis Vuitton Summer Square in white €285 (70cm x 70cm)


dua lipa Louis Vuitton scarf foulard

@dualipa in her Louis Vuitton scarf

queen of jetlags Noor de groot Chanel scarf top vintage

@queenofjetlags in her Chanel scarf as a halter top

Chanel square silk hearts foulard scarf

Chanel Square Scarf Silk Twill Ecru & Blue €355 (90cm x 90cm)


Acne Studios scarf light pink

Acne Studios Psychedelic Scarf Light Pink €150 (64cm x 64cm)

Casablanca maison de repos silk scarf

Casablanca Large Silk Scarf Maison De Repos €245 (one size)

Gucci ken Scott foulard cherry silk scarf

Gucci x Ken Scott Cherry Silk Scarf €280 (70cm x 70cm)

Photo credits: Audrey Hepburn in Charade, Daniel Dun, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Hermes, Chanel, Fendi, Casablanca, Arket, Ganni, Acne Studios, Gucci, @snapbackfarah, @dualipa, @iranahp and @queenofjetlags

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