27 Sep

Trapped between house and jazz with Masego

A packed venue like canned sardines, the voice of Masego and a saxophone sliding through the room. There are worse ways to spend your Tuesday night. Traphousejazz, as he refers to his music himself, filled the concert hall of the Vooruit in Ghent and Masego’s vibe filled our hearts and body. Not a single soul in the room tried to stand still, convinced it would be rude to not move. Now reread this paragraph three times and enjoy it every time a little more. It’s a loop thing, à la Masego.

“Tadow”, one of Masego’s biggest hits with 52 million views on YouTube filled the room, while the man himself wasn’t even on stage yet. Remembering that no one on earth has a clue what the fuck the word means, it’s a whole accomplishment to convince 1000 people to scream it. Masego slid smoother on to the stage than the average male in the dm’s these days. Playing the saxophone, he didn’t disappoint. Opening your show with your number one song is a great deal though, because it can’t get any better than this. Or so everyone thought.

Bra’s and Wakanda Juice

Although Masego started off with his best song, the show continued. Flowing through the whole tracklist of his Lady Lady album, sliding on the eargasming sounds of the saxophone and grooving to the sensual beats of his live band. Which he gathered all over the world, from India to Croatia, and made up new beats at that very moment. The boys accompanied Masego while drinking water, which he referred to as Wakanda Juice. The audience screamed everytime Masego brought the bottle to his lips, and I’m still surprised not one yelling girl fainted. It’s just water and he never even took off his t-shirt.

So he kept on his clothes, but that didn’t count for the audience. After performing “Old age”, in which he was so convincing it seemed as if he was about to take a sugar lady home with him that night, a bra got tossed from the balcony to the stage. “Don’t show my mother this footage”, and off we went for the rest of the show. How casual.

On repeat

Masego is a man of many talents, in which loops are his favorite thing to use. A beat, a sound or a sentence on repeat mixed with some sax sounds. A magician who surprised once again with his last song. Although he already left the stage, the audience wasn’t quite convinced it was the end of the show. Not a single soul left the concert hall, patiently waiting for Masego to return. And of course, he did. While playing the drums (we didn’t even know he could play the drums too), he resang a few of his famous EP songs with the original drummer holding the mic for him. An hour passed faster than it does on a regular Tuesday night, and by Thursday night “Tadow” was still stuck in most visitor’s heads. “Tadow”.


Big thanks to Democrazy. Follow them on Instagram for updates on the latest shows in Belgium.

Photo Credit: Gonca for Enfnts Terribles 

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