Trunk Hotel Tokyo: Bridging The Gap Between Travelers and Locals

A new boutique hotel recently opened its doors in the heart of Tokyo’s Shibuya area. Its modern exterior composed of natural wood sure did make a good first impression by us. Interior-wise it resembles the Ace Hotel in New York. So if you’re visiting the city and looking to soak in the local culture of Shibuya, we suggest Trunk hotel.


Trunk emerged from the energy and lifestyle of the city and people of Shibuya. No matter who you are or what job you have, the Trunk lounge bar is a space where people can spend time comfortably. Being conveniently located they do everything in their power to link up their guests with the locals and vice versa. That’s why they purposely kept their prices low to create a social environment for both parties. It’s only a matter of bridging the gap. Something that other boutique hotels in Tokyo won’t be offering you.

Trunk Hotel in Tokyo Bridges The Gap Between Travelers and Locals

The Trunk rooms

With only 15 rooms the Japanese boutique hotel is focused on travelers looking for more than just a room and a bed. At Trunk hotel, the single rooms are rather simple. However, it obviously feels like a small downtown design studio. Some single rooms are slightly upgraded and include a balcony or a loft. Au contraire, the guests can also opt for the living suite or a single terrace suite.

Take a better look at it, in order to make a final decision.

Photo credits: Trunk Hotel


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