19 May

Try these spring style tricks if yours won’t work

Spring is a tricky month and we are living proof of that statement. When you don’t live in a steady dry area in Sudan or Peru, you got to learn how to handle unpredictable weather circumstances. Over here we call it a four-season day. One moment there’s a heat wave and the next it’s storming. That’s why we came up with 4 spring style tricks to keep in mind whenever your old ones won’t work. Take notes because you’ll need to apply them sooner or later.


There’s nothing really exciting to say about plain white shirts. They are what they are! However, there is a way to innovate. Color blocking, stripes and appropriate patterns are what it takes to elevate your shirt game.

Layer your neutrals

Like we discussed in our previous article on neutrals, they can save lives. If you feel like casual is your thing, try this spring style trick.

Pink trousers ain’t necessarily feminine

We understand that as a guy wearing pink is considered to be ‘wrong’ or a girly thing or whatever word they use to make you feel awkward. On the other hand, pink is the color of the moment. Guys everywhere around the planet are wearing it now. So get over whatever your guy friends are telling you and hop on the pink wagon. Because it might work out well for you.

Avoid the stress, just go for a tracksuit instead

Consider our quote of the month: doing is the new thinking. Just do it!


Photo credits: GQ, Highsnobiety, WWD


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