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3 Sep

The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

Going on a road trip soon? AWESOME! But admit it: a road trip wouldn’t be a road trip without a super chill playlist. And luckily for you, Enfants Terribles has a few suggestions to add to yours. Hit the Road, Jack!

Beachy Sensations with Mac Demarco

I have never met someone who didn’t like his easy relaxing summer tunes. You simply can’t do wrong with Mac Demarco. Most of his songs have something funny going on, almost like a Spongebob episode, but more sophisticated. Hard to explain but if you give it a listen, you’ll understand!

His most recent album is called This Old Dog, but my favorite is still Another One.

Real Estate: Indie Feel Good Vibes

When I put on Real Estate, I immediately feel like I’m in a scene of an indie movie. I makes me feel free and happy. I know it sounds cliché but I swear, this band has the magic power to empty my head and erase all my worries.

This is their latest album, In Mind. A musical masterpiece for a happy mind.

DIIV Will Make You Feel Like a Rebel

Wanna feel a little rebellious during your road trip – without disturbing the driver with extremely loud punk music? Then the music of DIIV brings the answer. It has a chill vibe overall, but has a vigorous undertone.

Whatever the title of the album Is the Is Are might mean, here it is.

Spice It Up With Throttle

A must-listen on every road trip: Throttle. His remixes and creations and absolutely legendary. For exaple: he has made such a nice version of Castle on the Hill.

But the one song that HAS to be on your playlist is definitly Throttle’s remix of Hit The Road Jack: a classic that underwent a funky facelift.

Is your playlist now ready, but do you still need some travel inspiration? Here you are. You’re welcome.

Photo credits: Aussie Campervans


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