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21 Nov

Uncommon Color Combo’s That Will Make You Look Outstanding

During winter we easily turn to the easy color choices like the good old black and blue. Sometimes with a touch of grey or even red when we’re really in the mood. But the fact that our environment looks depressing doesn’t mean that we have to follow the weather forecast.

Last week we talked about beige on cream on brown. Now we’re focussing on how to look like a stylish coloring book. Matching colors, even the ones that aren’t quite compatible at first sight, won’t brighten up your day. But they might have a positive effect on the people surrounding you.

Doctor Brown

Our point of view during the past two decades: brown only looks good in natural environment… or on a Max Mara teddy coat, Vuitton bag. However, for some weird reason we seem to be obsessed with this ugly shade at the moment. Also red is on our list of favorites but not in a classical “let’s combine it with black” way. Red, brown, beige and checkered prints… that’s how we roll this winter.

Kermit green & Piggy pink

We never thought this combo would actually work but clearly it does…


Burgundy is one of those fixed winter values. An interesting color until you see how people generally combine it… Spice things up a little and ad some yellow, orange, cream or go for a full look. Let yourself go (and stay away from black).

Photo credits: Pinterest, Harper’s Bazaar 

Uncommon color combos that work
Uncommon color combinations
Uncommon color combos that work
Red & Beige
Uncommon color combos that work
Uncommon color combos that work
Burgundy color combinations

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