Maxim Meyer-Horn

Unjudged: JU-LIA Will Comfort You With Her Soulful R&B

Our new ‘Undjudged’ series—by photographer Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle and her friend Miguel van Doorn—shines a light on a diverse group of Amsterdam-based individuals active in the creative industry. They are known—or may have yet to be discovered—for not following the standard guidelines for life. Ambitious as they are, they do not hesitate to shape the world with their colors by practicing one or more art-related disciplines. Their creative work speaks for itself, but they are also not afraid to share their identity and what keeps them up at night. These creatives took us to their sacred place where they can be themselves in all their glory. In the things they say, the things they make, how they dress, who they are seen with, and how they move. This place is Unjudged.

Before becoming an aspiring singer, JU-LIA studied as a film actor and was a fashion model. Her love for music eventually took over and acts like Amy Winehouse or Destiny’s Child inspired the French-Dutch artist to make her own music, which is a hypnotic blend of R&B and soul. JU-LIA is a multi-faceted singer with all the features to make it far, so we’re excited about where her path will lead to. Her newest single “Deja Vu” is already a great step in the right direction.

Newfound passion

It took a heartbreak and finding the right people in music. After finishing her first song together with her brother (Rebiere) and Shamis, she came to the realization that this is what she really wants to do. Now four years later, at the age of 23, JU-LIA makes soulful contemporary R&B songs that should not be missing in your current playlists.

Full look by Roos Dolmans.

Music is therapy. JU-LIA describes every step in the musical process as liberation: free from anyone else, free in emotions. Her music feels like home; the way she feels at home in her neighborhood in the east of Amsterdam. A place where it doesn’t really matter who you are, no judgment.

“Focus on yourself. What good does it bring you to be focused on others more than yourself? I mean, everyone is free to have an opinion, and it’s definitely not always bad to express them. But I feel like the more judgment you carry, the more negativity you radiate.”

Purple dress by Bert De Coninck. Shoes are model's own.

Talent: Julia Van Ee
Creative concept by Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle and Miguel van Doorn
Production and interviews by Miguel van Doorn
Photography and grading by Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle
Dust removal by Nel Berens
Styling by Eveline Briand
Make-up by Jazz Ben Khalifa

Styling credits header looks:
Full look by Reconstruct Collective

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