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Unjudged: Kriticos Has the Power to Become the Voice of a Generation

Our new ‘Undjudged’ series—by photographer Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle and her friend Miguel van Doorn—shines a light on a diverse group of Amsterdam-based individuals active in the creative industry. They are known—or may have yet to be discovered—for not following the standard guidelines for life. Ambitious as they are, they do not hesitate to shape the world with their colors by practicing one or more art-related disciplines. Their creative work speaks for itself, but they are also not afraid to share their identity and what keeps them up at night. These creatives took us to their sacred place where they can be themselves in all their glory. In the things they say, the things they make, how they dress, who they are seen with, and how they move. This place is Unjudged.

The Tanzanian-Zambian artist Kriticos is up next in our Unjudged series. Besides being a popular artist in East Africa, he is a young and ambitious entrepreneur who isn’t afraid of starting new discussions and uses his platform to talk about topics close to his heart. His determination to make a positive change in the world is infectious and doesn’t only stimulate his own creativity. He is a front-runner and will undoubtedly inspire more people in the future.


“My name is Kriticos. I am a spirit connected to the source, but you see me as the body you see in front of you. I am a human being trying to do as much as I can before I die,” the artist declares, and all of that is true: he makes eclectic songs, co-organized the first BLM protest in Brussels, and opens conversation during his book clubs.

Jacket and sunglasses by Daily Paper. Black pants by Nacy Francis.

The young and entrepreneurial Kriticos moved to Amsterdam for an internship at the Daily Paper Headquarters: “I didn’t know too many people at that time. Daily Paper became my home. There I am most comfortable. Everybody working at Daily Paper vibrates on a high frequency. I think it’s what brought us together. It feels like a tribe.”

“Find peace in yourself. People that judge aren’t truly at peace within themselves. We are all going to die. So in the end: nothing really matters.” With that said, feeling unjudged sounds so much better: “It is the freedom to be yourself. Unapologetically”

Jacket by Nacy Francis. Scarf and pants Daily Paper. Shoes and accessories are model's own.

Coat by Mohammad El Marnissi. Sunglasses by Daily Paper.

Scarf by Daily Paper.

Coat by Mohammed El Marnissi. Sunglasses by Daily Paper.

Talent: Kriticos
Creative concept by Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle and Miguel van Doorn
Production and interviews by Miguel van Doorn
Photography and grading by Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle
Dust removal by Nel Berens
Styling by Eveline Briand

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