30 May

Virgil Abloh and Nike Just Dropped ‘TEXTBOOK’ Online and It’s Free

After releasing the last pair of “The Ten Series” on May 12, Virgil Abloh and Nike have now dropped TEXTBOOK online. It’s a free book about the relationship between Abloh and Nike including the story of “The Ten series”. There are also behind the scenes pictures and background information about the ten pairs that will go into history as some of the most hyped sneaker collections ever made.

The Converse Chuck Taylor was the last sneaker dropping from the extremely popular Virgil Abloh collaboration with Nike. Many sneaker- and fashion lovers couldn’t get their hands on a pair of the series, and the resale prices are out of this world. Sneaker freaks are willing to pay up to 1800 dollars for a pair of the famous collaboration on StockX. To make up for the enthusiasts who can’t afford a pair, which costs as much as a monthly wage, an online PDF of TEXTBOOK dropped yesterday.

Virgil Abloh, the 2018 designer

Whatever Abloh touches immediately is a success. Apart from being a clothing designer, he also designs furniture, DJs at parties and thrives into art. Virgil Abloh built a lifestyle and community, instead of just another fashion brand. It’s not a surprise that he now announced a book together with Nike. The surprise, however, is that it’s for free. The quotes featured in the book come directly from the man himself. In which he explains you can’t set out to make an icon, but culture returns it to you.


Although the book is free to download, it still is a work of art in which the collection and the brand are recognizable. This book is filled with graphically well-designed quotes, pieces of text and behind the scene photos. Not only Abloh is talking fashion, it’s Kimberly Drew, English Gardner, Venus X and Nike’s VP of footwear Andy Cain. TEXTBOOK might be a small designer’s big inspiration or a fashion fanatic’s favorite reading. Now run to your local printing company and entertain or impress your visitors with 258 pages of fashion history in the making on your coffee table.

You can download TEXTBOOK here


Photo credits: Nike and Virgil Abloh, ‘TEXTBOOK’

Nike Virgil Abloh
Nike Virgil Abloh
Virgil Abloh Nike
Nike Virgil Abloh

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