17 Feb

Listen to Antwerp-Based Singer and Songwriter WAYI Her First Solo Debut “the Way I Am”

Every day a new artist pops up and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The more, the merrier we always say. Unfortunately, not every talented musician has the platform they deserve. It’s often a long road to success filled with obstacles. However, the most passionate will triumph and when they grab the mic, magic happens. While listening to 24-year-old WAYI‘s solo debut titled “The Way I Am”, something extraordinary happened. She transported us to a sphere where love and freedom are infinite, only by using her elegant and soulful voice. We really think the woman has superpowers!

About the artist

Antwerp-based WAYI doesn’t dance but she sings and writes songs. She grew up in a Congolese home in Belgium and studied in Antwerp. The city where the R&B singer first heard powerful women like Solange, SIA and Jhené Aiko sing their heart out. They also influence her music a lot. After a broken heart, learning from past mistakes, maturing and moving on, WAYI is making moves in the Belgian music scene again. She is ready and focused to work on her own musical carrière now.

The way I am

Adorned with Spanish guitar strings, the song produced by James Lowland is a manifesto of her confidence. At the same time, it’s unapologetic and empowering women to let their love blossom but not at the cost of self-love. Listen to Wayi’s new single available on Spotify.


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