2 Jul

We Love a Good Nude: About the Annayaké Nude Mattifying Foundation

It’s summer time, which for most people means bare face time. With the heat, long days & even longer nights, make-up just isn’t always the first thing on our minds. However, some times you need a little light beat to take it from poolside cute to beach club snatched. Today, I’m talking the new Annayake Nude Mattifying Fluid foundation, & why it could become my summer fling.

Talking about specs

First, let’s talk foundation details. The Annayaké Nude Mattifying foundation is a fluid foundation, and it comes in a glass bottle with a pump. The packaging is solid but not eyecatching: nothing fancy, but the quality is there. The black cap, however, tends to come off quite easily, so if you’re traveling with this foundation, you might want to consider putting it in a separate ziplock bag.

As one could deduce from the name, this foundation is supposed to give a mattifying effect, while it keeps your skin looking like skin, without feeling or looking heavy on the face. It has SPF10 in it, which is a nice touch in summer, BUT don’t let it replace your regular SPF products! Your face needs more than 10SPF to be protected from the sun. The foundation is 42 euros for 30 ml of product.

Coverage, but no cakeface

A face that looks like it has cake batter all over it is never a good idea, but especially in summer you want to let your skin breathe. Upon applying the Annayaké foundation, I definitely noticed the coverage was there, my imperfections were smoothed out, but it did not at all feel heavy on my face. When it eventually dried down, I honestly didn’t even feel like I had make-up on.

With mattifying foundations, I’m always a bit scared: I have quite dry skin, which I try to combat my moisturizing (the most important step in your daily skin routine, even if you have oily skin!), but matte foundations can some times emphasize the desert-ness of it all. This foundation did not do that, at all, and it looked pretty good on me for the entire time I wore it. I tested it on two separate, very hot days, and I did have any problems with sweating or the foundation coming off. Considering I didn’t set my face with powder, that’s quite impressive.

Not matte, not dewy

The finish of this foundation, I wouldn’t call completely matte. I mean, it did not make my face look dewy or shiny, but I have tried matte foundations that were really MATTE, and this Annayaké one is not. I absolutely don’t mind though, since I am not a matte face kind of gal, especially not in summer. I like my face to look hydrated and as natural as possible, and ‘matte’ isn’t really the natural state of (my) skin. If you are really looking for that doll-like, matte finish, though, I would advise you to get a foundation that is a little more heavy duty.

All in all, I can say I enjoy this foundation (even though I’ll have to get a little tanner to get the fullest use out of it since you can kiiiiiind of see that the colour I got is a little too dark for me right now.  It’s not anything showstopping or spectacular, but that’s not always what you need either. Some times a simple flawless face just does the trick.


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