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5 Oct 2020
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We Selected 10 New Books You Should Read This Fall

Whether it’ll be because of the colder weather or the coronavirus, soon we’ll be staying inside a lot more. So here are ten books coming out this October to keep you company indoors. From poetry to horror or romance, make yourself comfortable and find your match!

1. Persona non Prada — Catherine Kosters and Elspeth Jenkins

Ever wondered how to make it in the fashion world? Fashion journalists Catherine Kosters and Elspeth Jenkins give you their answer in Persona non Prada. By including practical tips and hilarious behind-the-scenes stories, you get the tools to climb to the top of the fashion industry, or at least somewhere near. Additionally, fashion designer Wim Bruynooghe made wonderful illustrations to go along with the stories. Although currently the book is only released in Dutch, it’s right up our alley!

‘Persona non Prada’ came out on 15 September 2020.

2. The Midnight Circus — Jane Yolen (Horror)

American author Jane Yolen mostly writes fantasy, science fiction, and children’s books. She’s the writer or editor of more than 350 books. And soon, she can add a new title to that impressively long list, as The Midnight Circus comes out at the beginning of October.

The Midnight Circus is a collection of dark, haunting tales. These sixteen short stories, each accompanied by a poem, are all very different from each other, for instance, in one story the South Pole becomes hell on earth, in another, The Red Sea becomes deadly due to a plague of evil angels. Some stories are scarier than others, but all are wicked and creative.

‘The Midnight Circus’ came out on 1 October 2020.

3. Humans — Brandon Stanton (Non-fiction)

Ever since 2010, the popular Humans of New York blog, and later Facebook and Instagram page, takes millions of followers along the stories of random strangers on the street. The genius behind it, American author, blogger, and photographer Brandon Stanton, now takes us on a worldwide journey in his new book, Humans. 

From Africa and the Middle East to Europe, Asia and America, Stanton captured portraits of hundreds of people worldwide, while making them reveal a piece of their personal lives. Their moving photos and stories are collected in Humans and are guaranteed to stick with you.

‘Humans’ is coming out on 6 October 2020.

4. Leave the World Behind — Rumaan Alam (Novel)

A knock on the door late at night disrupts Amanda and Clay’s family vacation. The owners of the vacation house Amanda and Clay were renting in the middle of nowhere, returned in a panic to tell the family that a sudden blackout has swept New York. Without TV, internet, or cell phone service, it’s hard to know who or what to believe. Can the families trust each other? And what happened in the city?

Rumaan Alam’s third novel is about more than just a vacation drama because it touches race, shared fears, and how biased we are about others. Even before its release, Leave the World Behind is already a hype as it’s recommended by multiple outlets like Buzzfeed, Vogue, and The Washington Post.

‘Leave the World Behind’ is coming out on 6 October 2020.


5. Things I Learned From Falling — Claire Nelson (Memoir)

In 2019, a New Zealand journalist made the headlines worldwide, as she nearly died while falling during a hiking trip in Joshua National Tree Park in California. She hadn’t let anyone know where she was and so, she had little hope of being found. Nelson lay for four days in the desert alone with a broken pelvis and without a cell phone signal. Against all odds, she was found just in time and miraculously survived. Now, Nelson wants to share her experience: what it taught her about loneliness and anxiety and how to survive it.

‘Things I Learned From Falling’ is coming out on 6 October 2020.

6. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue — V.E. Schwab (Historical fantasy)

Let’s travel to France, 1714. While being desperate, a young woman named Addie LaRue makes a bargain to live forever. However, she gets cursed to be forgotten by everyone she meets. That’s the start of Addie’s crazy adventure across centuries and continents. After being forgotten for nearly 300 years Addie comes across a young man in a hidden bookstore and everything changes when he remembers her name.

The American fantasy author V.E. Schwab is mostly known for her novel Vicious (2013) and her series Shades of Magic(2015-2017).

‘The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue’ is coming out on 6 October 2020.

7. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls — Elena Favilli (Non-fiction)

You’ve probably heard of the New York Times bestselling series Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, right? Over one million copies worldwide were sold and the books have been translated into more than 47 languages. Elena Favilli’s concept is quite simple: each book contains around 100 portraits of important women and girls from the past and the present, including colorful portrait illustrations, made by feale artists worldwide. The goal? Teaching girls they can do whatever they want.

Now, there’s a third book to the series featuring stories of 100 immigrant women who have shaped and continue to shape our world today. Stories that could inspire not only kids but everyone!

 ‘Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls’ is coming out on 13 October 2020.

8. Dandelion — Gabbie Hanna (Poetry)

You may know Gabbie Hanna from YouTube and Vine back in the day, but now the American internet persona and New York Times bestselling author is ready to release her second illustrated, poetry book, called Dandelion.

In Dandelion, Hanna wrote down the deepest parts of her mind, which led to a story of self-loathing, self-reflection, and eventually self-acceptance. It includes brutally honest stories and confessions about her childhood and relationships.

‘Dandelion’ is coming out on 13 October 2020.

9. Memorial — Bryan Washington (Coming of age, LGBTQ+)

Memorial isn’t your typical cute-boys-meet-and-fall-in-love kind of book. No, it starts where other books end: Mike and Benson have already been together for a few years. Mike is a Japanese American chef at a Mexican restaurant and Benson is a Black daycare teacher. But things have changed, and now, Mike and Benson are not even sure why they are still in a relationship. This book is funny and sexy and tells the story of two young people at a crossroads in their relationship, what else do you need?

In 2019, Bryan Washington released his debut book, Lot, a short-story collection that earned high acclaim from critics, at, for example, The New York Times. Although Memorial is Washington’s debut novel, it’s already one of the most anticipated books of this fall.

‘Memorial’ is coming out on 27 October 2020.

10. House of Correction — Nicci French (Mystery Thriller)

Get your hands on the newest thriller from the international master of suspense, Nicci French.

House of Correction is about Tabitha, who is waiting for her trial in prison. She must have killed someone, why else would a dead body be found in her shed? Tabitha’s memories are blurry, and she can’t remember what happened, but she knows one thing for sure: she’s not a murderer. It’s a story about prejudices, loneliness, and a strong fighting spirit told in a very compelling, shocking way.

Nicci French is the pseudonym for the British husband-and-wife team Nicci Gerrard and Sean French who have written many successful psychological thrillers together.

‘House of Correction’ is coming out on 27 October 2020.



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