Fashion Therapy


27 Oct

Welcome to Your First Session of Fashion Therapy

At this point, most of you (including ourselves) are working from home and our real-life social contacts are non-existing. This, however, doesn’t mean we have to pretend we’re living in a cave and that we need to dress accordingly. Don’t forget you might accidentally bump into neighbors or end up in an unexpected Zoom call. Besides, we’re sure your cat is sensitive to esthetics as well, even though it sleeps most of the day.

In turbulent times like these caring about your appearance might seem like the most superficial thing to do and you may even feel guilty to take time to focus on clothes right now.

A Positive Distraction

Well… guess what, it’s not. How you dress up plays a critical role in how not just the people around you but also you perceive yourself. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of a morning routine and doing something that feels normal. Right now it’s good to embrace every kind of positive distraction.

Fashion Therapy lottaliinalove


Fashion Therapy


Fashion as a therapy

Take the time to dive into your closet and be creative by making new outfit combinations you never thought you’d wear. Save your favorite looks on Instagram and TikTok or read ENFNTS TERRIBLES to stay inspired. If you feel like adding some new stuff, check which local boutiques sell your favorite brands. If there are items that no longer suit you, donate them to a good cause.

There’s also no need to wrap yourself in sweatsuits every day, although there’s nothing wrong with that. Are you in the mood to wear a dress and heels, why not? As long as it makes you happy. The essence is that you feel good about yourself.

To get you started with your first session of fashion therapy, we gathered some of our favorite stay-at-home looks. Don’t mind sharing some of your own and tagging us on socials, we’re happy to admire and share your creations.

Fashion Therapy


Fashion Therapy


Fashion Therapy



Fashion Therapy


Fashion Therapy


Fashion Therapy


Fashion Therapy


Fashion Therapy


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