Danish natural sense of cool


18 Aug

What We Can Learn from the Danish’ Natural Sense of Cool

In the beginning of August another edition of Copenhagen Fashion Week took place. It’s rather a tete-a-tete for the Scandinavian incrowd so that’s why you probably missed most of the gathering. Also, on a high fashion level CFW can’t be compared to Paris, Milan, New York or London. By saying this we don’t want to offend the Danish, we think they’re doing great. In a lot of important ways they know how to outshine the others.

This is how they do it…

Keeping it green

From all fashion weeks, this must be the most down to earth one. The Danish and Scandinavians in general are good at a lot of things. But most of all they know how to keep it green. Like have you ever seen someone arriving on a bike to an event in Paris? Maybe one person who didn’t realize how dangerous the trip was and another that just got used to it. In Denmark, going by bike isn’t an exception, it’s the rule. Yes, they care about the environment in a stylish way. We should learn from them.

Danish natural sense of cool
Danish natural sense of cool
Danish natural sense of cool


We always wondered whether there’s something in the drinking water in these Scandinavian countries. It seems like their daily routine consists of jumping out of bed, getting dressed quickly and just put on some lip balm. Also, they rock a style that isn’t for anyone. Being effortlessly classy is unfortunately something you can’t learn in the snap of a finger. It’s a lifestyle.


On top, they’re pretty modest about being great. Not in an insecure kind of way, they just don’t feel the need to proclaim how fantastic they are all the time. And you know how the saying goes: modesty never goes amiss.

We should seriously consider adding Copenhagen to our fashion agenda next season!

Danish natural sense of cool
Danish natural sense of cool

Photo credits: Footwear News, Le21ieme, Hypebeast, Pinterest, Harpers Bazar, InStyle

Danish natural sense of cool

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