Nelke Roose

6 Oct

What You Need to Know about Dua Lipa’s New Music Video for ‘Levitating’

Last Friday, 2 October, Dua Lipa dropped a new music video for her single “Levitating” and there’s a lot to say about the visuals made with TikTok’s help.

Let’s rewind first: our British pop queen Dua Lipa released her second studio album Future Nostalgia in March 2020 and dropped her remix LP Club Future Nostalgia in August. While Madonna and Gwen Stefani both feature in the remix version of “Levitating”, the original song stars American rapper DaBaby, and that version now has its very own visuals.

Out of this world

The music video for “Levitating” is directed by American music video director, illustrator,  and designer Warren Fu. As Dua Lipa sings about how she knows a galaxy and how she could take you for a ride, she steps into a giant disco-themed elevator. DaBaby enters and the dance party takes off, while the elevator shoots up in the air. More and more people join the elevator, dancing and rollerblading. Eventually, they all arrive at a party out in space and dance their asses off.

What makes the video out of this world, besides its fun vibe, is the fact that it was brought to you with TikTok’s help. Not only were TikTok dancers and roller girls incorporated in the video, but there was also a huge competition over on TikTok. More than 150.000 users submitted videos with ideas for the music video’s concept. Eventually, some users’ makeup looks, dance moves, and short appearances made the final cut, bringing this music video to a whole other level.

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