Why Highsnobiety Disappointed Us in a Stupid Statement About Shorts

Let’s give you a little breakdown on my current situation. I live in Antwerp, which is where this online magazine has its headquarters. It’s a city located in the North of Belgium where people are both extremely nice and a little arrogant. We’re famous for our chocolate, beer, crusty fries and internationally renowned fashion designers. On top we Belgians are blessed with great long legs that we unfortunately have to hide most of the time because of bad weather conditions. It’s a shame…

The last few weeks however, weather gods have softened their hearts towards us. Temperatures rose up to over 30 degrees. Which, I can assure you, is quite unusual for us Nordic people. Donald Trump might think global warming is a joke, we’re happy to welcome him in our sunny apartments without airco.

While sitting in my room turned into a pop-up sauna, treating my gorgeous hairy legs with cooling elements, an article from a major online publication passed by on social media. A friend of mine shared it with the caption “Love to start my day with reading a sexist piece of bullshit!”. The piece stated that men shouldn’t wear shorts and gave us some advice on top. Even though my sweaty fingers could hardly touch the overheated keyboard of my laptop, I felt the urge to share my masculine side of the story.

Legshaming men in shorts highsnobiety

Luka Sabbat

Is legshaming a thing yet?

The article I’m talking about was published on Highsnobiety about a week ago by Allyson Shiffman. Shiffman, who is a self-described “Female Fuccboi” (for real – that’s her Instagram bio), felt the urge to express her thoughts on how men should wear shorts. According to the lovely lady, men should just not wear them at all. Her reason why: “Their legs are hairy, gross and some have even been decorated with shitty tattoos.” She goes on by stating that there isn’t a man on the planet that looks better in shorts than pants. (Euh, did she have a proper look at Chris Hemsworth yet?)

Dear Allyson…

First of all, we don’t need someone to tell us what to do and what not to do, especially when it comes to our own body and dressing ourselves. Saying that men should never wear shorts is absolute bullshit. This statement catapults us back in time. The only historical difference is that you’re targeting men instead of women. Whoever is saying this should re-educate him/herself and do some serious research into the old and current history of oppression through fashion.

Secondly, I would like to excuse myself for having hair on my legs. I sincerely hope your biology teacher told you that it’s natural and everyone is born with it. Yes, even women! If you feel the urge to wax every little piece of hair on your body, that’s good for you. If you don’t, equally perfect. Personally, I’m proud of my legs and I don’t feel like going all crazy with the razor blade. And whether it’s 34 degrees outside or not, when I’m in the mood to wear shorts I couldn’t care less about your rather sexist opinion, dear Allyson. So could you do me (and the rest of the male population) a favor and keep the legshaming subject for yourself next time. Thanks in advance!

Photo credits: Matthias Geerts, Marcel Floruss, Instagram

Legshaming men in shorts highsnobiety

Marcel Floruss


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