Weeknd Starboy masterpiece


30 Nov

Why The Weeknd’s Starboy is a masterpiece

In case you have been living under a rock: The Weeknd released his new album Starboy last week. I already posted a playlist on Friday to get you hyped up (you can find it here), but the wait is finally over. I’ve had some days to let the tunes of Abel Tesfaye’s latest masterpiece sink in. And yes, I call it a masterpiece. You’ll just have to carry on reading to discover why this is his best work to date.

Some Weeknd for everyone

People often ask me what kind of music I’m into. I can never answer that question, because I listen to (almost) everything. The thing with R&B is that you really have to be a fan of this music genre to really get into it. I do love myself a good portion of R&B, but sometimes it’s just too difficult to understand and appreciate songs if you’re not that into it. To give an example: Kanye West (considered Hip-hop) has had lots of hits, but most of the time the mainstream public is only attracted to 1 or 2 tracks on his records. Only real fans of his music and genre are able to appreciate all of his other music.

But The Weeknd seems to have found the magic formula. Starboy is a perfect balance between ‘underground’ and mainstream music. This album is just for everybody. It’s impossible to listen to it and not like almost every song. You can’t accuse him of being too ‘Pop’ or commercial, but you also can’t say that it’s too R&B. I’m just not able to tell you which of the 18 tracks is my least favorite. That’s how I know this truly is a masterpiece.

Weeknd Starboy masterpiece

Collaborations to die for

The Weeknd’s collaborations on Starboy were highly anticipated. His work with Daft Punk should definitely take home all the awards for ‘Best Collaboration’ next year. But I was not sure about all of the artists he was working with. Boy, he proved me wrong. The one that took me to surprise most is ‘Sidewalks’ featuring Kendrick Lamar. This laidback track got me feeling like I’m roaming the streets of Los Angeles without a single care on my mind. But when you dig into the lyrics, you’ll discover it’s an anthem about the road to success. For the lovers, there’s also a track with rapper Future.

But I was mostly excited about The Weeknd working together with Lana Del Rey again. And let me straight up tell you: it’s the biggest letdown ever. You’re probably confused because until now I had nothing bad to say about this record. So why is ‘Stargirl Interlude’ a letdown? Because it shouldn’t be a fucking interlude. This 1 minute and 52 seconds long track has been the best thing to bless my ears in a long, long time. So why the fuck isn’t it a full 4-minute song? Can we get #JusticeForStargirl trending? There’s no excuses here Abel, you disappointed me.

In conclusion

I would love to tell you which songs on Starboy you should REALLY hear. But I can’t. It’s impossible. You just need to hear every single track. If you decide to give it a listen, take your time. Let the lyrics sink in, because there’s some smart lines on this record. If you have been a fan of The Weeknd from early on, you’ll be happy to hear that the depressing kind of songs he started his career with and is known for aren’t completely lost, just listen to ‘Ordinary Life’. But there’s also plenty of tracks that’ll have you running to the dancefloor. Like I said, it has something for everyone. I just can’t wait to see this album come to life on his up and coming Starboy ‘Legend of The Fall’ tour (which I am attending, ofcourse).

(And yes, I gave it 4.9 stars because I’m mad AF about the ‘Stargirl Interlude’. Fight me. But don’t be afraid to leave a rating yourself below!)


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