why true love is the hardest thing to find


Why true love is the hardest thing to find

When you’re 17 or even 25 it doesn’t really matter who you are or aren’t dating. Most of us are on top of the world and everything is possible. But then you get older and still haven’t found one single person to share those extra minutes of spare time with. People, including yourself sometimes, start wondering what the hell is wrong. Would he be gay, does she like women or is there actually a problem? We wonder if those people essentially know the difference between true love and a regular relationship.

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We might sound hopelessly romantic by even mentioning the word true love. But we fully believe it still exists. And it’s such a pity that people, due to loads of circumstances, don’t take the time to go looking for it. They rather seem to spend time in a mediocre relationship instead of finding the right partner. And by that we mean you don’t fully have to test the game of trial and error. Just don’t waste years of your precious time.

Traditions are key

Subconsciously or not, traditions are part of our society. You’re born, you marry, make children yourself and you die. In the meanwhile there’s some time left to work and have a bit of fun once in a while. Of course this is a rather simplistic explanation. And these same old routines still make loads of people feel satisfied. But when they don’t, we suggest you choose to take a side road. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you’re not seriously dating at the age of 21, married when you’re 28 and a parent at 30.

Some people are really lucky to find that special someone at an early stage in life. The biggest part  chooses to follow the traditions without knowing what being very lucky is. Ever wondered why the divorce rate in countries where women don’t rely on their husband for an income is around 50%? In some even 70%? And these numbers don’t involve the couples that aren’t married. We blindly form relationships without really knowing ourselves and being aware of what’s best for us. And how can you find out what a match is if this essential information is missing?

Nature unfortunately doesn’t allow us much time to find out who we truly are. And that’s the entire paradox. Once we passed lucky number 30, the pressure (better known as the biological clock) to provide an offspring starts rising, definitely for women. A reason to “lower” the standards if that’s even a right thing to say.

why true love is the hardest thing to find

True doesn’t equal perfect

Never mistake the word true by perfect. Being a good match also means you have to end up in a good fight once in a while and make it up afterwards. You have to be able to enjoy the silence together. When you end up in a stage where you need relationship therapy, it’s usually not a good sign. We don’t believe in quitters but in some cases it just might be for the best.

What we really wanted to say was…

Follow your own path and don’t settle for less. True love is hard to find but nobody ever said it was impossible!

Illustrations by Ana Jaren – www.anajaren.com 


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