Stop Island Whaling Blue Whale


Why We All Need to Support #StopIcelandWhaling

Despite the international ban, an Icelandic whaling company has slaughtered more than 100 fin whales and reportedly even a blue hybrid whale in 2018. Killing blue whales has been illegal since 1966 after these amazing creatures were almost hunted to extinction. Worldwide there are only 10.000 to 25.000 blue whales and around 100.000 fin whales left after approximately a million of them were murdered during the 20th century.

Mankind is already responsible for polluting their natural habitat and taking away their food. Now the Icelandic Government also supports this illegal practice to erase their existence from the timeline of planet earth. That’s why we kindly beg you, sign the petition to #StopIcelandWhaling. The whales need our help!

The biggest creatures that ever existed

As far as our knowledge of planet earth’s history reaches, the blue whale is the largest animal that ever existed. The longest one measured, was a female with a length of 28.5 meters. A fin whale is a tiny bit smaller but still takes a strong second position in the list. When these two species mix, you get a blue/fin whale hybrid. Because these hybrids aren’t specified as endangered species, the Icelandic whaling industry continues to slaughter them, supported by the government.

Choose your battle, Iceland

So what happens with the meat? It’s sent to Japan where it awaits in freezers until someone decides to eat it. The Japanese are historically known for one of the biggest whale hunting countries. However, even they have started to question Iceland’s illegal practices.

We truly wonder why any whale is still slaughtered simply for mankind’s guilty pleasures. (Yes Denmark, we’re also watching you at this point.) When it comes to blue and fin whales, there’s less than 1% of the original population left. Haven’t we caused enough damage?

So Iceland, if you want to pursue your reputation as a “green” tourist destination, we strongly recommend you put an end to all whale hunting. To all of you: please sign the petition via this link

Stop Island Whaling Blue Whale
Stop Island Whaling Blue Whale
Stop Island Whaling Blue Whale

Source: @sealegacy, Wikipedia 

Photo credits: Wikipedia, @chelseamayerphotography, @hardtoportorg

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