Claudia Crovato

2 Mar

Xavier Ömar Hit Us with Pink Lightning

There’s only one way to start off your weekend right and that’s by listening to our weekly music recommendations. This time we’d like to introduce you to Xavier Ömar’s pink lightning EP. Though the project got released back in November, here’s a little reminder why you shouldn’t sleep on the up-and-coming R&B star.

Xavier who?

Texas native Xavier Ömar used to go by the name SPZRKT, but don’t worry if that doesn’t ring a bell. We got your back. The singer-songwriter first appeared on our radar when he and producer Sango launched their project Hours Spent Loving You. Hearing Omar’s silky but strong vocals over Sango’s downtempo beats got us hooked from the start. The two always seem to work their magic on each song they make together. Listen to Sweet Holy Honey down below and hear for yourself. And don’t miss out on the visuals because they are literally to die for!

Pink lightning EP

He opens the EP with Running Round, a catchy track which immediately sets the mood right. Our hopes were high for the second one. Although we could appreciate the 70’s disco groove, we do have to say we missed a bit of that typical and authentic Omar vibe.

It sounded way more mainstream than we’re used to. Luckily we got our good old Xavier back on Change on me. Track 3 might even be our favorite on the EP. Then he surprised us with an acapella on The Title, reminding us where his joy of music began: in church. Finally, he closes with a slower remix of a La Rocca original Wild.

If you ask us, Ömar is definitely one to watch in the ever-changing contemporary R&B genre. Let us know your favorite track on the EP.

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