28 Dec

YG Brought the West-Coast to Vooruit While Passing Shots

4Hunnid Records owner and signed rapper YG made a pit stop at the Vooruit in Ghent last week to perform his ‘Stay Dangerous’ tour for Democrazy. The rapper from Compton is known for his raw hip hop voice, drinks on stage and cursing at other rappers. Although he begged for shots, the rapper did a great mix of well known songs such as “My N*gga” and “Big Bank”, and the new songs from his last album. It’s safe to say YG’s biggest fan is himself, and the whole hall knew it.

Although YG filled half an hour with a DJ set so he could arrive a little late, the crowd didn’t mind. The first mosh pit opened when the DJ blasted Sheck Wes through the packed hall of Vooruit in Ghent. At 11 pm YG jumped on the stage on the first notes of his most popular track “Suu Whoop”. Ready to entertain the audience for an hour. Mosh pits in the front, people dancing their asses off in the back. Although YG made some pretty big hits with rappers such as 2 Chainz and Big Sean, his old school songs attracted a very diverse audience.

YG at Vooruit Gent
YG at Vooruit Gent

Fuck Donald Trump

YG, known for his strong opinion about other rappers or politicians, had no desire to conceal his opinion. He rather screams it through the hall so the audience is pissed off at him. He started with dissing 6ix9ine, duh. And ended with every single person screaming “Fuck Donald Trump” on the tunes of “FDT”. Known for his obscene language, him saying “6ix9ine, I hope your ass gets raped in jail” didn’t come as a surprise. So next to performing his songs, he also had a political message to share with the world.

YG is never too drunk to do shots

Beggin’ for shots seems like YG’s thing, as he was pissed drunk the day before in Amsterdam. So he just started begging for shots again. Then went off stage for a good ten minutes, so he could get his amount of alcohol for the gig. Although the second part of his performance contained most of his famous songs and most mosh pits, he still managed to make it a rather watered-down version of what we expected from an international artist.

Though he shared his drinks with the audience, the second half of the show went from drunk to pissed drunk real quick. He didn’t ask for weed tho. He ended his show with “Big Bank” two times in a row, the only song he played the features. And he somehow managed to kill that last song as if it was the first one he performed. Let’s just say shots on stage isn’t the best idea. But a ticket for YG in general is not a bad investment. Because, as we said in the intro, everyone knows YG for drinking and swearing. And that’s exactly what YG makes YG.


Photo credits: Bavo Goossens

Big thanks to Democrazy

YG at Vooruit Gent
YG at Vooruit Gent
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