Maxim Meyer-Horn

21 Nov 2020

Yseult’s New EP ‘BRUT’ Is Far From One-Dimensional

Yseult counts on you. A year ago, the French singer decided to no longer invest in the promotion of her releases because she believes in the power of ‘word of mouth’. On her new EP ‘BRUT’, she gives French chanson a new dimension by mixing it with temporary melodies and even some English words.

“I will not go back to the music I made in the beginning and will develop the newfound style more in the future,” Yseult said during our interview in March. And that’s exactly what she did with her new project. Her focus isn’t on the past, and she has her eyes on creating a body of work that gives a new perspective on her as an artist. Yseult’s last piece of her trilogy is far from one-dimensional and is even more introspective compared to her previous EPs Noir and Rouge.


The key to Yseult’s music is the rawness she puts in her songs. The psychedelic pop track “SEXE” is seductive and is a trip of almost seven minutes, where you slide away into the universe of the talented singer. “101 REGRETS”, the only collaboration of BRUT, stands out thanks to the haunting build-up towards the end. The opening piece of rapper S.Pri Noir is the start of a fantastic journey that takes you to a translucent esprit where Yseult guides you around.

Between all the powerful ballads, “BB” feels a bit like the dark horse of the EP but owns our heart just as much as the other sons of BRUT. “BB” is a little bit more defiant in the verses, while the chorus opens the gates to heaven.



For thirty minutes, Yseult is the ruler of our emotions and leaves an indelible impression on us. EP opener “INDÉLÉBILE” is one of the most beautiful piano ballads we’ve heard in a long time, and a tear is never far away when the 26-year-old singer hits the high notes in the chorus.

Single “BAD BOY” has similar power and is a revolutionary take on French chanson, a genre many already declared dead. Yseult breathes new life into French music and does that by staying true to herself. Nothing sounds forced and just shows the purity of this once-in-a-lifetime artist who’s still unfolding her full potential. Let’s pray to God that Yseult gifts us a full-length album soon.

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