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27 Apr 2019
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Yust: The Affordable Luxurious Place to Crash in Antwerp

There’s one quote circulating on Pinterest that totally defines our wanderlust situation; “Me: I want to travel. Bank account: like to the park?”. It’s nice to be a nomad, but nothing is for free. Fortunately, we’re living in 2019 and there are options. A decade ago we’d probably have to stay at an overpriced, smelly hotel or a crappy hostel. Nowadays, there’s Airbnb and very affordable hostels that will offer you just the right amount of luxury. Like Yust for example, Antwerp’s latest place to stay.

Yust Antwerp

A fancy bunk bed in a classy dorm for only €19, it’s a dream for anyone who likes to travel and doesn’t mind sharing. There’s even a female-only option for women who prefer not to sleep in mixed company. If your financial means are a bit more on point, also a private, deluxe or family room and even a suite are amongst the options. This is what we call opening a hotel in the year 2019: offering options so people from all social classes and age groups can find themselves a place to sleep. It creates an interesting mix of guests instead of targeting only one group.

Besides a short stay option, there are also fully furnished apartments for rent for expats or people who’re staying in Antwerp longer than a few nights.

More than just a hotel

Also the town residents who already have a place to sleep are welcome to explore the restaurant and bar. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks. And there’s more. Yust also has several types of co-working spaces in its offer, even an event space for those who see it bigger.

Have a look at all the options via www.yust.com/antwerp

Yust Antwerp Hostel Hotel Hotspot
Yust Antwerp Hostel Hotel Hotspot
Yust Antwerp Hostel Hotel Hotspot
Yust Antwerp Hostel Hotel Hotspot
Yust Antwerp Hostel Hotel Hotspot
Yust Antwerp Hostel Hotel Hotspot
Yust Antwerp Hostel Hotel Hotspot
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