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29 May
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10 New Film Releases to Look Forward to in June

Are you ready for these ten new films that are coming our way in June? Well, to organize your mind, we made a list of our favorites (as usual). We travel from Sweden to Italy, and from Argentina to LA, America. So, keep your seatbelt fastened because June will be a world trip!

1. Bergman Island

In the film Bergman Island, a couple travels to a Swedish island where the famous director Ingman Bergman lived. In search of film inspiration, they lose the difference between reality and fiction. This movie is directed by the French Mia Hansen-Løve, who won a Silver Bear for best director for the movie L’avenir in 2016 at Berlin’s International Film Festival.

‘Bergman Island’ is coming to Mubi on June 3.

2. Interceptor

The action film Interceptor will turn your cozy night into an adventurous one. As interceptor is the last line of defense, it is the Spanish actress Elsa Pataky—who plays Collins—who will save the day. Did you know, that it took the actress four months of training to learn all the moves for the film? (Curious if it was worth it!)

‘Interceptor’ is coming to Netflix on June 3.

3. Hollywood Stargirl

This sequel to the film Stargirl that came out in 2020 is a teen drama by American filmmaker Julia Hart. Hollywood Stargirl Susan will know fame and success when she moves to LA. Fun fact: the actress who plays Susan wrote the song in the film “Figure it out” herself.

‘Hollywood Stargirl’ is coming to Disney+ on June 3.

4. Halftime

This documentary is about the life of singer, actress, and business mogul J. Lo (Jennifer Lopez). Halftime refers to her being in her fifties and still having half a life to look forward to. It is the first time that we get such a personal peek into the life of this powerful woman.

‘Halftime’ is coming to Netflix on June 14. 

5. The Wrath of God

This upcoming Argentinian thriller film is not the classic story we know from the Bible but is based on a novel by Guillermo Martínez. The Wrath of God is about a string of mysterious deaths in a family. Soon, one of the family members begins to suspect her boss.

‘The Wrath of God’ is coming to Netflix on June 15. 

6. Spiderhead

There are a lot of good actors on the cast list for the sci-fi thriller Spiderhead, including Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, American actor Miles Teller, and American actress Jurnee Smollett. The storyline is based on the dystopian ( =/= utopian) short stories Escape from Spiderhead. Top Gun lovers will be thrilled when they hear that Spiderhead is also directed by American filmmaker Joseph Kosinski.

‘Spiderhead’ is coming to Netflix on June 17. 

7. Pleasure

This Swedish film Pleasure is a unique and pure portrait of the men’s world of porn, through the eyes of a woman. The main character Bella realizes that it isn’t that easy (or fun) to become a pornstar in LA. Pleasure won an Award at the 48th edition of Film Fest in Ghent.

‘Pleasure’ is coming to Mubi on June 17.

8. Love & Gelato

Love & Gelato is the film adaptation of the book named Love & Gelato written by the New York Times bestselling author Jenna Evans Welch. It is about a woman who promises her sick mother to travel to Rome before studying. She starts to fall in love with the city (and the ice cream, of course)!

‘Love & Gelato’ is coming to Netflix on June 22. 

9. A Chiara

This Italian film A Chiara is one of three. Italian American director Jonas Carpignano highlighted the refugees and the Roma in Calabria. With this third, and last film, he made a portrait of a girl who discovers the double life of her father. “I went there for a short film about race riots, but when I got there, I knew there were more stories to tell,” tells Jonas Carpignano in an interview with Film Fest Ghent.

‘A Chiara’ is coming to Mubi on June 23. 

10. Elvis

The title speaks for itself, this film is a biographical musical about the life of singer Elvis Presley. Elvis is played by American actor Austin Butler. Also, the music is made by amazing singers like Doja Cat, who is singing the song “Vegas” and Måneskin who covers “If I Can Dream”. (For the people who doubt that Austin Butler really sings, the answer is yes!)

‘Elvis’ is coming to the cinemas on June 22 in Belgium and the UK, and on June 26 in the US.

Photo credits: Netflix, Warner Bros, IFC Films, and Mubi

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