31 Mar 2021
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11 New Netflix Releases to Discover in April

Another month means a bunch of new shows, movies, and documentaries coming to Netflix. To make it easy on you, we listed 11 new releases you should definitely check out. From a new David Attenborough documentary to an urban cowboy film and one of the biggest Netflix releases this year: scroll down to see our picks!

1. Worn Stories

The eight-part documentary series Worn Stories explores the connection people have with their clothes: from those that are there from the beginning of our life to the clothes that memorialize lost ones. The documentary is an adaption of the 2014 book of the same name, where the author Emily Spivack interviewed people for four years about their clothes. Her book ended up being a Times bestseller and is now transformed into a documentary with old and new stories. 

‘Worn Stories’ is coming to Netflix on April 1. 

2. Concrete Cowboy

Concrete Cowboy tells the story of the 15-year-old Cole, played by Caleb Mclaughlin (Stranger Things) who goes to live with his estranged father Harp (Idris Elba) in the north of Philadelphia. Once there, he learns about the local urban cowboys that his father is a part of. The movie is based on the 2011 YA novel Ghetto Cowboy by Grey Neri and premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2020, where it received favorable reviews from Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. I don’t know about you, but Concrete Cowboy is definitely on our to-watch list. 

‘Concrete Cowboy’ is coming to Netflix on April 2. 

3. Madame Claude

The French movie Madame Claude follows—well— Madame Claude (Karole Rocher), an influential French brothel keeper who had the most exclusive prostitution network in Paris for decades. We’re not talking about a brothel in a filthy back alley but a brothel in one of the most expensive parts of the city. Her clientele consisted of wealthy and influential people and—if Madame Claude is to be believed—former U.S. President John F. Kennedy was even a client. One thing is for sure: this movie is going to be quite a scandalous and entertaining look at Paris in the sixties. 

‘Madame Claude’ is coming to Netflix on April 2. 

4. The Serpent

Counting eight episodes, The Serpent tells the story of the real-life French serial killer Charles Sobhrai (Tahar Rahim) who murdered 12 people in the seventies in Thailand, Nepal, and India. Eventually, he even manages to find himself a partner in the Canadian Marie-Andrée Leclerc, played by Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who). It isn’t until he ends up killing a Dutch couple that the Dutch ambassador Herman Knippenberg (Billy Howle) is on to a potential serial killer. The limited series is a co-production between BBC One and Netflix, and while BBC One already aired it, The Serpent will now finally be available internationally. It’s already being hailed as another Netflix hit! 

‘The Serpent’ is coming to Netflix on April 2. 

5. This is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist

Great news because Netflix is blessing us yet again with a true-crime series. This time it’s the four-part documentary series This is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist. It tells the story of—well—the world’s biggest art heist, which happened on March 18, 1990. Two men posing as police officers stole 13 works of art—worth around 500 million dollars—from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Thirty years and a 10-million-dollar reward later, and the case still remains unsolved.

‘This is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist’ is coming to Netflix on April 7.

6. Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! follows the successful business owner Brian Dixon (Jamie Foxx), who just became a full-time father to his teenage daughter Sasha (Kyla-Drew). If the title is anything to go by, being a full-time dad is going to be embarrassing for Sasha. Inspired by Foxx’s real-life relationship with his daughter Corinne Fox, who is an executive producer of the show, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! promises some great laughs and—let’s be honest—anything Jamie Foxx is amazing. 

‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’ is coming to Netflix on April 14. 

7. The Soul 

Set in futuristic Taiwan, The Soul revolves around “human brain copying” technology and the murder of a businessman. Investigated by prosecutor Liang Wenchao (Zhang Zhen) and detective Abang (Jining Zhang), they soon find themselves surrounded by shocking secrets and life-or-death dilemmas. The film is an adaptation of the science fiction novel Transferring Souls by Jiang Bo, and it looks like The Soul promises to be a suspenseful and dramatic journey into the future. 

‘The Soul’ is coming to Netflix on April 14. 

8. Life in Color with David Attenborough

The English natural historian and documentary maker David Attenborough has been making phenomenal nature documentaries for years, and every single one of them is a must-see. Luckily for us, Netflix and BBC co-produced a new David Attenborough documentary series: Life in Color with David Attenborough. The three-part docuseries will focus on how colors are used between animals and the vital role it plays. And looking at the trailer alone, we’re going to be blown away by the amazing visuals. 

‘Life in Color with David Attenborough’ is coming to Netflix on April 22. 

9. Stowaway

In Stowaway, a spaceship just left earth when the crew discovers there is an accidental stowaway, played by Shamier Anderson (Wynonna Earp), onboard. With an added passenger and unable to return to earth, it quickly becomes clear that the life support systems can’t sustain them. It’s a small cast, but it promises to be an emotional story. 

‘Stowaway’ is coming to Netflix on April 22. 

10. Shadow and Bone

Arguably one of the biggest Netflix releases of 2021, Shadow and Bone already promises to draw a big crowd. Based on the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, Shadow and Bone tells the story of the orphan and soldier Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li), who discovers she has an extraordinary power that can set her country free from the reign and terror it’s fighting against.

‘Shadow and Bone’ is coming to Netflix on April 23. 

11. Sexify 

In the Polish show Sexify, a sexually inexperienced college student (Aleksandra Skraba) decides to build a sex app. Together with her friends, it sends her on a hilarious journey discovering sexuality, intimacy, and the female orgasm while simultaneously having to deal with the university’s prudish academics. 

‘Sexify’ is coming to Netflix on April 28. 

Photo credits: Netflix

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