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7 Mar
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3 K-Dramas That Will Get You Fused to the Couch

Forget about Hollywood when it comes to drama series, South Korea is where it all happens at the moment. Thanks to Netflix opening our horizons, we can finally enjoy what’s going on at the east side of the globe. It’s surprisingly refreshing after watching the American vision on relationships over and over again. Here’s our list of the 3 K-dramas that will make you get fused to the couch.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Cha Eun Ho, played by Lee Jong-suk, is a successful writer and editor at a publishing company. When he was a child he was saved from being hit by a car by Kang Dan-i, performed by Lee Na-young. When Kang Dan-i applies for a job at the publishing company and becomes Cha Eun Ho’s roommate, their longtime friendship slowly starts to develop into something more.

Most romcoms makes us roll our eyes after five minutes, but not this one. However the title is a bit over the top, we can’t wait till the next episodes appear on Netflix. There’s a great balance between the funny and more serious scenes, the actors are great and so damn well-dressed. Let alone on a fashionable level, this K-drama deserves a ten.

Romance is a bonus book Korean drama series
Romance is a bonus book Korean drama series

Something in the Rain

Yoon Jin-ah, played by Son Ye-jin, is a single woman in her 30s, still living with her parents. After getting dumped by her boyfriend, she crosses paths with her brother’s best friend, Seo Joon-hee (Jung Hae-in) who lived abroad for a couple of years. They knew each other as children but since they’re both adults right now, the dynamics of their relationship changes.

Besides wanting to throw a rock at Kim Mi-Yeon, playing Yoon Jin-ah’s mom, this was another refreshing romantic drama. It’s interesting to see the cultural differences between countries when it comes to relationships. Even though it’s not real life, throughout television you can learn quite a lot about certain habits specific to a country. Another K-drama to put on your list!

Something in the rain Korean Romcom to watch Netflix

Mr. Sunshine

Unlike the other series, Mr. Sunshine is a historical K-drama. It’s set in Hanseong, the former name of Seoul, and portrays activists fighting for Joseon’s (now North and South Korea) independence.

Eugene Choi (Lee Byung-hun) is born into slavery and flees to the United States as a young boy after traumatizing personal events. He only returns to Joseon many years later as a US Marine Corps officer. When he meets Go Ae-shin, the daughter of a wealthy local aristocrat, he falls in love with her and the duo gets entangled in a complicated relationship. While figuring out their personal feelings, they also fight for Korea’s independence.

As we mentioned before, through films and series there’s so much to learn. We honestly completely forgot that the Kingdom of Joseon ever existed, there might even be a chance that we just never knew. Mr. Sunshine gives us insight into the young Korean Empire, before it was brutally split into two.

Romance is a Bonus Book, Something in the Rain and Mr. Sunshine are now available on Netflix

Mr Sunshine Korean Romcom to watch Netflix
Mr Sunshine Korean Romcom to watch Netflix
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