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16 Feb
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5 Netflix Originals You Should Definitely Watch

Okay get this: Netflix is filled to the brim with series, movies and Netflix Originals, and people still complain that there’s nothing to watch. Friends often ask me what I’m watching because they have seen “everything on Netflix”. Well let me tell you, there are more things that I want to watch than I have time for.

Netflix has been especially good at making Netflix Originals lately, which are movies and series that they produce themselves. They’re from such high quality, that they already compete with the ‘real’ Hollywood stuff out there. I love Netflix Originals so much, that I decided to make a list of which ones I enjoyed the most.

Orphan Black

Out of all the series I have watched, Orphan Black definitely pops out. The story is all about Sarah Manning, who witnesses the suicide of her doppelgänger, Beth Childs. Sarah takes on Beth’s identity to find out more about her. Eventually she gets sucked into a world of sisters, clones, murder, conspiracy… What’s truly brilliant about Orphan Black is how Tatiana Maslany portrays all these characters. It’s unbelievable how at one moment she’s the American suburban mother Allison Hendrix, and at another moment she’s the Ukrainian coldblooded killing sister Helena. I tend to forget that all these clone characters are played by the same actress. Besides that, the story will get you hooked immediately and you’ll grow to love some of the sestra’s, like Helena calls her sisters. Currently there are 4 seasons available. The fifth, which will also be the last season, will start releasing June 10 every Saturday.

Chelsea Does

God, I love Chelsea Handler. The 41-year old American comedian quit her famous talkshow Chelsea Lately in 2014 to make a switch to Netflix. She was getting bored with doing the same thing for 7 years and decided it was time for something new. The first thing she did for Netflix was the documentary series ‘Chelsea Does’, where she explores 4 different subjects. Chelsea Does; Marriage, Silicon Valley, Racism and Drugs. The thing with this is, you either love Chelsea or you don’t. She’s got an amazing sense of humor, but not everyone gets it. The way she explores these subjects is just genius. If you want to see her high after having a pot-infused dinner, you should definitely watch this. The 4-episode documentary series is available now.

The Fundamentals Of Caring

The Fundamentals Of Caring is a comedy-dramafilm, based on the novel by Jonathan Evison. Stars of the movie are Selena Gomez, Paul Rudd and Craig Roberts. I don’t want to spoil too much about the story, but it starts with Ben, portrayed by Paul Rudd. He’s in the middle of a divorce, lost his son after a tragic accident and is out of a job. He takes a 6-week course to become a caregiver. Shortly after, he takes on a job to take care of the 18-year old Trevor (Craig Roberts), who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. It starts off as a joke, but eventually Ben takes Trevor on a trip across the country. Along the way they meet Dot (Selena Gomez) and the story unfolds. The movie is amazingly well balanced in the comedy/drama parts, and will have you feeling all sorts of ways. I loved it!

Haters Back Off

This one might come off as a bit strange if you’re not familiar with the lead character. Haters Back Off is based on the famous YouTube character Miranda Sings. I have no idea how to explain who/what Miranda Sings is. I suggest you take a look at her YouTube channel and watch some of the videos. But let me make this very clear; Miranda is NOT a real person. I always thought it was quite clear that it’s a character, but some people genuinely think she really exists.

She does exist though, but she goes by the name of Colleen Ballinger. She’s a very talented YouTuber who has been running 2 channels, PsychoSoprano and Miranda Sings, for quite some years now. Miranda is incredibly popular and she has been touring with her shows all over the world. Last year Netflix took her on for a 16-episode season. And things have been going well, because they recently renewed the series for a second season.


Is it very obvious that I’m in love with Chelsea Handler? After her before-mentioned documentary series, she was the first in history to get a talkshow on Netflix. The show started streaming on May 11 2016 and new episodes were released every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Worldwide, that is, making it probably the biggest talkshow ever reaching 93 million users worldwide in 190 countries.

There are some amazing celebrity guests on the show, but also some hilarious skits by Chelsea and her amazing team. Regularly, there are also some mini-documentaries which you can compare with ‘Chelsea Does’. It’s not live ofcourse, but there’s a live audience. I think she’s also the first person ever to have her dogs walking around the set (and occasionally peeing). Chunk is just THE CUTEST DOG EVER. You can watch all 90 episodes of the first season now on Netflix, which range from 30 to 40 minutes. It’s already renewed for a second season, which is expected to start streaming in April 2017.


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