Maxim Meyer-Horn

22 Dec 2021
Film & TV

5 New Christmas Movies On Netflix You Have To See

The days are getting shorter, colder, and cozier, so we all know what that means … Christmas is just around the corner. We’ve already added “All I Want For Christmas” by Mariah Carey to our playlist and looked for a good recipe for some delicious Christmas cookies, but we’re also getting ready for our favorite holiday by watching all the Christmas movies on Netflix. Here’s our little guide with five brand-new Christmas movies that will get you in a festive mood.

1. Love Hard

It’s been a long time since we’ve last seen Nina Dobrev on our screen and just like any other former teen star, she celebrates her comeback as the lead role in a rom-com. In Love Hard, she’s portraying a journalist that tries to find love on a dating app and eventually travels all the way from Los Angeles to New York to surprise her match for Christmas. Arriving at his house, it turns out she was catfished … This is the start of a rollercoaster full of emotions.

2. Single All The Way

The brand new Netflix original Single All The Way is probably the most relatable Christmas movie we’ve seen in a long time. Since there’s nothing worse than sitting at the table during Christmas diner and getting asked why you’re still single, all-time single Peter asks his best friend Nick to join him and fake a relationship. While his mother is putting a lot of effort into trying to find the love of her son’s life, things eventually take another turn …

3. The Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star

The third one is always the charm! The popular The Princess Switch franchise is back with another movie and sees Vanessa Hudgens play three main characters at the same time. When the priceless Christmas relic is stolen from Margaret Delacourt’s castle, the Queen of Montenaro, the Princess of Belgravia, and their extravagant cousin Lady Fiona Pembroke unite to track down the mysterious jewel thief.

4. A Boy Called Christmas

Netflix doesn’t only make silly comedies for Christmas but also makes movie events for the whole family. A Boy Called Christmas is a star-studded adventure for young and old about an ordinary boy called Niklas who starts the search for his father. Accompanied by his loyal pet mouse and a headstrong reindeer, Niklas makes his way to the fabled village of the elves, Elfhelm. A Boy Called Christmas is a reminder that nothing is impossible and spreads a message of love.

5. A Castle For Christmas

A Castle For Christmas might look very cringy and predictable, but that makes this movie even better. The famous author Sophie Brown (Brooke Shields) wants to escape the busy life in New York and wants to buy a castle in Scotland. Once she found the castle of her dreams, there’s only one catch: the castle owner is reluctant to sell his property to a foreigner. Even though they constantly butt heads, this is the beginning of something they both didn’t expect to happen …

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