Dior Forever Foundation


9 Jan

67 Shades of Skin: Dior Forever Foundation

Tomorrow Dior will launch its latest foundation, Dior Forever and Dior Forever Skin Glow. What’s new? A few shades have been added which will make it impossible not to find your perfect match. There’s a matte and a glow version. Both foundations last 24 hours and contain a protection factor SPF 35 PA ++ that will protect your skin from UVA, UVB radiation.

How to choose the right shade?

If there’s one big mistake to make when buying a foundation it must be picking the wrong color. The idea that a foundation can be used as a short-term self tanner officially belongs to the early 2000s. Its goal is to smoothen and blend with your own skin tone as much as possible.

To simplify the decision process, the Dior Forever foundations were divided into four different color ranges, going from light to dark. For most of you it’ll be easy to tell which category your skin belongs to. Then, it’s important to think about the right undertone. If your skin burns easily during the summer it’ll probably be pink, when you only bronze it’s possibly yellow.

When you’re not 100% sure which shade to pick, it’s best to test several colors on your face so you’re sure that it’s a perfect match.

Dior Forever Foundation

How to apply?

The best way to apply the Forever Foundation is with the Dior Backstage full coverage foundation brush. Its round shape makes it very easy to blend in the foundation for a natural look. Just add a few drops on the zones that need adjustment and blend in with circular moves. If you want to cover your face evenly, you can also put a small amount of foundation on your hand and apply it with the brush.


It’s always designated to use the right serum and day cream before you apply foundation. However, this doesn’t mean a foundation can’t contain useful ingredients. Both Dior Forever and Dior Forever Glow consist of violet extract that will hydrate your skin and rosehip extract to protect it against harmful external factors.

Buy the new Dior Forever and Dior Forever Glow foundation starting from tomorrow in selected stores or via Dior.com


Dior Forever Foundation
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