Maxim Meyer-Horn

23 Mar

Designer Darlings: Shanice Engel’s Stunning Gucci Sunglasses

Interesting personalities always have exciting designer items in their closet, because fashion is a way to express who you are as a person. For that reason, we teamed up with the Belgian photographer Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle and captured known faces with their favorite designer piece. The Brussels-based Shanice Engel is the third person we’re featuring in our new series ‘Designer Darlings‘.

Belgian actress Veerle Dejaeger and fashion blogger Matthias Geerts were the first two to present their ‘Designer Darlings’ and Shanice follows their lead. She’s a PR lady boss at Oona Antwerp and has a great sense of fashion.

Gucci Sunglasses

As a huge fan of America and especially Los Angeles, Shanice went to the City of Angels last September and made a nice discovery on a shopping day. “We were walking past a small optician and eventually went inside,” she says about where she discovered her fabulous Barbie pink Gucci Sunglasses.

“It turned out that all the big rappers, from Migas to Drake and Rihanna, buy their sunglasses there and we even got a big discount from the owner,” she adds enthusiastically. The pink glasses have the power to turn a casual look into an eye-catcher and really stand out. A beautiful woman with gorgeous sunglasses, do we need to say more?

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