5 Jul

Dvtch Norris Is Chilling with GOATS in His New Music Video for “Toothpick” Ft. Bhavi

DVTCH NORRIS has released the music video for “Toothpick”, one of our favorites from his new album ‘I’m Sad, I Wanna Make It’. The Belgian rapper has his own way of doing things and this video is not an exception.

Our favorite Belgian rapper climbs in trees, mingles with goats, attends a mass at church and goes to the barber shop in his new music video. The entire thing has something very cool and refreshing about it. We’re kind of really into the goat scenes. Because goats –  duuh. For this song, DVTCH NORRIS teamed up with Bhavi, a Belgium-born and Argentina-raised artist. People in the industry call him the “next big thing” when it comes to Belgian rappers/singers.  Watch DVTCH NORRIS’ new video for “Toothpick”!

Read our interview with DVTCH NORRIS and find out about the rapper’s specific styling choices.


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