3 Apr 2019

Editorial and Interview: Step into the World of Tristan

Earlier this year, we introduced five Belgian acts to keep an eye on this year. One of them was the Ghent-based singer Tristan. Three months later, she has her newest EP ‘Delidomia’ out, which received raving reviews from the music press. The BBC even invited the singer to London to present the project to their audience, but we’re sure that this is just the beginning. With a lot of shows coming up, the singer is ready to convince even more people of her massive talent. In an exclusive editorial and interview, the singer introduced herself to us and walked us through her artistic visions.

Hi Isolde, congratulations on your recent release. How does it feel now Delidomia is out

Good. I am very surprised with how good the reactions to the EP were. I didn’t expect it and it surprises me that people are telling me that I’m doing so well, while I’m already moving on, working on my first album. I’m just continuing with what I’m doing and it keeps going on.

In 2018, you’ve debuted with Illusje, which sounded slightly more jazzy. What was the trigger of the sound evolution?

It wasn’t intentional. For Delidomia, I was way more involved in the production aspect of the EP, while I’ve worked more spontaneously on Illusje. For the new songs, we took more takes and produced it more what led to the fact that it sounds less jazzy. For me personally, I’ve never intended to change the sound, but it happened naturally.

Titto brooch and headscarf.

Some weeks ago, you released the video of your fantastic single “Olso”. What story do you want to tell your audience?

“Olso” is the first song of the EP and is for me the entrance to the ‘Alice In Wonderland’-Delidomia world. In the clip, I discover and enter this world. At the beginning, I see all these fantastic things and I become greedy, but once I’m really in the world, I get a feeling of suffocation, which comes with a lot of confrontations. At the end, we wanted to disrupt that feeling and atmosphere of darkness and show the light within.

The video is directed by Tobi Jonson, who does a lot of your visuals. Tell us a little bit more about collaborating with him.

Tobias is, for over five years now, one of my best friends and we had the plan to work together. I think that our two worlds really came together in Delidomia and I am happy we collaborated, but I don’t know if we’ll work together for the album. The video is visually very dark and heavy, what suits Delidomia perfectly, but as my music is currently labelled as very dark, I think I want to do something different for the album. We’ll see…

Delidomia sounds sinister indeed, but yet very driven and fragile. How do you think this sound came to life?

I just wrote the songs and thought that it’s something that will always be part of my music. I’m attracted to threatening sounds that create tension, but I do still love jazzy drums as well. As a jazz singer, I think I won’t ever be able to limit my singing. I’m so used to improvising and going in different directions, that I feel that my singing will always be the thread that brings it all together.

How do you accentuate the mood of your music in your style?

I’m not there yet, because I think that ‘image’-thing is very ominous. From the moment you have an image, it’s difficult to lose it. I feel that at this point, I still have the chance to experiment and don’t have to take drastic choices. There are many things that I really like, but I’m still figuring out what works the best for me. These last months, I realized that my music is getting a lot of response from the fashion industry. I feel that both worlds are coming together and that they complement each other… I’m excited to see how that will develop.

Guess boots. Levi's jeans. Le Mont St Michel top. Titto brooch and headscarf.

Tamino took you on tour. What is the impact of that?

It was such an amazing adventure, because the crowd was so thankful and really listened to the music. It really was a gift. Seeing Tamino was sometimes a little bit confronting, because it made me realize that I have so much work ahead of me, but it showed me so many possibilities for the future. Being able to introduce myself to such an amazing audience was amazing, because I reached people that I would never have reached without these shows. Tamino himself is an amazing person, who is so kind and passionate and I’m really honored that he chose a support act like me, because there are so many acts that are more like him.

Are you planning to release another project this year?

I’m currently writing songs and there is probably an album coming sometime next year. At the end of the year, I’m planning to release some singles but we’ll see what happens. I’m not really into having too many plans and organizing big campaigns. I really just want to get my music out when it’s really ready to be released. I’m curious myself how it’ll turn out.

Something with Sylvie Kreusch and Maarten Devoldere maybe?

I’m actually living with them so we were just jamming a bit. (laughs) I really want to collaborate with someone in the future, but I don’t have any concrete plans yet. Collaborating with someone is a whole process and is a lot of work, but maybe with Maarten… ‘Maarten, could we work on something together?’.

Bring it on! We can’t wait to hear what you have in store for us next!

Christian Wijnants dress. Guess boots.

Christian Wijnants gloves. Le Mont St Michel top. Levi's jeans.

Baum und Pferdgarten top and skirt. Ace & Tate sunglasses.

Photography by Robin Joris Dullers for Enfnts Terribles
Text by Maxim Meyer-Horn
Production and styling by Enfnts Terribles
Makeup and hair by Ana Japson

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