6 Feb

A Cult-Classic Revisited by Glossier: Meet Solution

Aah Glossier, a beauty-brand born out of the millennial-pink brain of Emily Weiss has done it again. In a world were the beauty-business keeps throwing new releases at us at the speed of light, she seems to effortlessly find the next big/little thing in the market. First she simplified the face wash with “Milky Jelly Cleanser”. Then amped up the body-positivity with her “Body Hero” campaign. And now she’s back tacklin’ that other crucial step in your skincare-routine: toner. Or even better: “Solution”, the modern-day answer to all (y)our skincare needs.

Tony! Toni! Toné! Toner!

Toner is one of the most underrated steps in most (wo)men their skincare routine. Whether you use Witch Hazel, Rose Water or some Huda Beauty Hack, chance is that you will not brag about your toner when somebody asks about your skincare routine. Toners are just not that glamorous next to sheet-masks, rich & creamy moisturizers or La Mer facial mists. But if there was one toner to actually inspired a cult of followers, it would be Biologique Recherche Lotion P50. This Queen of toners is a favorite amongst beauty editors. Both due to the ingredients, the exclusivity in where you can get it and the Beyonce-like demeanour in which it works its magic on your skin. But there’s one major problem with it: It stinks. It really works. But it also really, really stinks. (Lovable reffered to as “Garbage Juice” by Paloma Elsesser… you get the jist.)

Glossier Solution

Out with the old, in with the new

But P50 remains beloved because it’s an easy-to-use liquid exfoliant that incorporates multiple acids — a blend of alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids to be exact— so it exfoliates on multiple levels. It even contains phenol, which makes it quite controversial, since phenol is a very corrosive substance and it is not very clear in what quantities it is used in P50. But it is a cult-classic. Into the Gloss even has its own post fully dedicated to reviewing the various different types of P50s. So, it’s not exactly shocking that the beauty powerhouse is making its own take on this seasoned bad boy.

Meet your solution to (almost) everything

Insert Glossier Solution. Marketed as a “skin-perfecting, acne-fighting, liquid exfoliator” it is good for gentle exfoliating, clearing acne, minimizing pores and even evening out the tone and texture of your skin. Like the P50 OG, it combines a variety of acids —like a 10 percent blend of salicylic (a BHA), glycolic and lactic (AHAs) — The formula is also infused with glycerin & aloë for its calming effects. And they ditched the phenol completely, just to be sure. Glossier Solution comes in a futuristic foil pouch, and the product bottle itself is also noteworthy, with a pump lid dispenser — aka the most convient thing ever. Solution retails for $24, and you can try it out here.

Photo credits: Glossier


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