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15 Apr
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5 Things We Remember from the First Episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8

After 595 days HBO finally gifted us with the first episode of the final season of ‘Game of Thrones’. After such a long hiatus, fans are eager to see if the final season will live up to its hype. And if the first episode is anything to go by it will.

The first episode gave us a lot. It was the episode of reunions and is a great set up for the rest of season eight. Unlike some episodes in season seven this episode actually gave us a lot of material from a lot of different characters.

Not a happy arrangement

Daenerys and Jon finally arrive in Winterfell and it is safe to say that the Northerners are not pleased with their new found arrangement. After the Umber boy asks for some help (I promise he’s important later on), Lady Mormont doesn’t waste any time and voices everyone’s concerns about the obvious shifts in power dynamics. After all, Jon left as King of the North but has now bend the knee to Daenerys. Someone they don’t know and don’t trust. We’ll have to wait and see if she’ll succeed in winning them over.

Kit Harington as Jon Snow

Sansa, a true player of the game

For a very long time Sansa has been extremely closed off. Not only towards characters on the show, but also towards the audience. Only in season seven did we finally get to see a glimpse of the true Sansa when she gave the order to kill Littlefinger. In the first episode Sansa finally reunites with her husband, Tyrion. Their scene perfectly shows the character development that she’s gone through since season four. Once a little pawn in King’s Landing, but now the only one with enough smarts to know not to trust Cersei and how to play this game.

Jon and Aegon and Daenerys

Not Bran but Samwell Tarly breaks the news to his best friend, Jon. He isn’t the bastard son of Ned Stark but rather Aegon Targaryen, the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Which makes him the true heir to the Iron Throne. It shakes up his whole world because the man he saw as a father turned out to have lied to him his whole life.

We last saw Daenerys and Jon in a steamy sex scene (moments after we learned they’re related) and the romance wasn’t far away in this episode either. I was rooting for them but now that they’re related, not so much. For anyone that can’t follow Daenerys had two brothers; Viserys and Rhaegar. The latter brother is the father of Jon which means Deanerys is Jon’s aunt.

Jon or rather Aegon is a man of his word, something that the writers emphasized on a lot during the seventh season. He gave his word to Dany but it will be interesting to see if he actually upholds his word or not.

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark

Tormund and Beric

Last season we saw Tormund and Beric running for their lives on the Wall moments before it collapsed. In a surprising turn of events, they did actually make it out alive and they run into Doloreus Edd – from the Night’s Watch – in the abandoned castle of Last Hearth, on their way to Winterfell. Tormund brings what Tormund always brings; some lighter moments to the heavy Game of Thrones, right before we get to see what kind of message the Night King has left them.

The Umber-boy nailed to the wall surrounded by limps. While the guys start to realize that the Night King is marching between them and Winterfell the boy starts to open his eyes and lets out an ear-splitting screech before being stabbed by Beric with his flaming sword. Leaving a flaming spiral of limps and the body of a young boy who’s screeching.

Jaime finally returns to Winterfell

We last saw Jaime on his way to Winterfell after finally realizing that Cersei truly is insane. In the final scene we see him arriving at Winterfell and locking eyes with Bran, the boy whom he pushed out of the tower so many years ago. And so, Game of Thrones comes back full circle. The very first episode of Game of Thrones ended with Jaime and Bran and the first episode of the last season ends with them too.

Belgium, you can watch the latest Game of Thrones episodes on Telenet Play. Watch the featurette for episode one and the promo for episode two below:

The Umber boy burning

Photo credits: HBO

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