11 Jul

Kiko Milano Just Launched the Cutest Mini Divas Collection

Kiko Milano officially isn’t a teenager anymore. The beauty brand turned 20 this year and they’re celebrating with the cutest collabs. All different kinds of creatives were invited to design their own capsule collection. There was “Less is better” with Super Duper Hats, Leitmotiv’s “Tropic Heat”, Arthur Arbesser’s “Active Fluo” collection. This month it’s all about Benedetta Bruzziches’ Mini Divas.

Meet the Mini Divas

For those who don’t know Benedetta Bruzziches, she’s an Italian designer specialized in creating bags. So it was kind of obvious that her capsule collection for Kiko Milano would be related to her main profession. The Mini Divas are a range of tiny make-up essentials that fit easily in your purse. Yes, even in that extremely tiny clutch you scored last week. For those who are curious about what to find in the collection… There’s of course a mini bag, a bronzer, blush, 4 colors of eyeshadow, a mascara and eye pencil, 3 colors of lipstick, an essentials kit, make-up brush and a pure clean kit.

Since festival season is still going strong, the Mini Divas are very (very!) welcome. At least we can redo your make-up after having partied in the pouring rain for at least an hour (due to alcoholic reasons we don’t exactly remember the time frame). And we won’t even mention what we usually look like the morning after. These Mini Divas are literally a lifesaver… Amen!


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