Maxim Meyer-Horn

31 Oct

Loïc Nottet Plays Trick or Treat in his Short Movie for ‘Candy’

Once upon a time, a 17-year-old student auditioned for a TV show and the rest is history. The Belgian singer Loïc Nottet is the biggest star to have come out of ‘The Voice Belgique’ and is known for setting up breathtaking performances. Since Halloween is one of his favorite events of the year, it doesn’t come as a surprise that he created something spectacular.

Loïc has been working on the follow-up of his impressive debut album Selfocracy and already stated that he’s almost ready to share it. While his fans are counting the days for LN2 to drop, he surprised the Arty’s (that’s how his fans call themselves) with the news that he’ll be dropping a new single with an accompanying short movie of twenty minutes.


Kim Petras became the Queen of Halloween with her album TURN OFF THE LIGHT and Nottet is ready to snatch the title of King of Halloween. The spooky yet funny short movie for “Candy” has the same vibe as the Michael Jackson classic “Thriller”, but it can’t be labelled as a copy. The song itself is playful, joyful and also a little bit creepy, but the short movie takes the song to a higher level thanks to its sensational choreography and set design. Even the costumes used in the video were designed by Nottet. Before the screening of the short movie, Loïc Nottet talked to us about the song and the video.

You are fascinated by Halloween. Where does this fascination come from?

I don’t know. I was always attracted and intrigued by graveyards, coffins and death and love all the projects of Tim Burton. But I don’t know where the fascination came from, but I love it.

For this short movie, you worked with the director Kevin Antoine. How did you create the movie together?

I came up with a story about a witch and knew how the story should be from start to finish. Kevin took my story and thought about how we could translate it into visuals. I had a lot of ideas, so it wasn’t easy to put them all in the video and make it comprehensible for everyone. That’s how we started to collaborate and we started to send each other ideas that helped us bring this project to life.


What’s the story behind “Candy”?

Two years ago, I released the single “Doctors” where I was a scary clown. I wanted to give this clown a lot more importance and that’s why I started with “Candy”. In “Candy”, you get to know what happened with the clown when he was a kid and see that he was kidnapped by a witch who lives in a candy house. He gathers with all the other kidnapped kids and decides to take revenge on the witch.

Are you going to perform this song on your next tour?

If the project turns out as a success, I would love to have a whole Halloween act. But that depends on if the fans like the song and the video, but I would love to create a whole act around it.

Will the song be on your next album?

“Candy” will be on the album. The album is completed and we’re currently waiting for the release date given by our label. It is planned for the beginning of 2020, so let’s see when it will be out.

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