Maxim Meyer-Horn

23 May
Film & TV

Michelle Obama Empowers In Her Netflix Documentary ‘Becoming’

November 4th, 2008 will forever go down in history because it was the day Barack Obama got elected as the first African American president of the United States. It was by far one of the biggest moments of the 21st century and was also the day Michelle Obama became the First Lady. After eight years of bringing a lot of hope and positiveness to the White House, the Obamas still inspire many Americans and truly started an evolution. In a new Netflix documentary, miss Obama takes us behind the scenes of her promo tour for her book ‘Becoming’.

The Netflix documentary follows Michelle Obama on her 34-dates-strong tour through the US, Europe, and Canada, where she shared personal stories about her time in the White House, meeting her husband, and her family. It’s her way of reflecting on her eight years as First Lady and the impact it had on many different people.

A Pop Star

There’s a special grace around Michelle Obama that radiates sophistication, power, and charity, and that’s exactly what director and cinematographer Nadia Hallgren was able to capture in the documentary. Michelle Obama wasn’t just standing next to Barack, she was fighting with him and became a role model for a whole generation like usually only movie stars, singers, or influencers are. She paved the way for so many young people by heartening them and being a great example for our society.

Michelle Obama and her brother in 'Becoming'. © Netflix

The charm and humor of Michelle is extremely remarkable because only a few people can captivate millions like she can. When she talks, everyone listens and can somehow relate or sympathize with what she’s saying. It’s maybe because many Americans can identify with her life path but also because she has a very charismatic way of sharing her story.

Obama 2024

In the Netflix Documentary, Michelle never opens up about her future plans or ambitions but we’re sure she has very big plans for 2024 since she’s the frontrunner for many democrats in the running for president in four years. It wouldn’t be the first time that a former First Lady tries to become the President of the United States and we doubt that this would turn out badly.  Thanks to projects like this, she’s expending her group of supporters without officially being a candidate and already has millions on her side.

Becoming is just another reason why Michelle Obama is one of the most powerful women of all time and would do a great job as the most influential person in the world. If she’d become the President of the United States in 2024, she would be the first woman to move into the Oval Office and we’re sure she would do an amazing job. Yes, She Can! However, she’s said before she’s not interested in running (but please, Michelle, we need you).

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