Maxim Meyer-Horn

28 Nov 2020

Miley Cyrus Combines the Best of Both Worlds on ‘Plastic Hearts’

Miley has been going through different phases, but no phase comes even close to her new era. We’ve seen her do pop, country, and hip hop but the demand for a rock album rose with every rock cover she did! ‘Plastic Hearts‘ is Miley’s return to her core as an artist and combines the best of both worlds. (Yes, that’s a Hannah Montana reference.)

Miley already reinvented herself a couple of times throughout her career. We’ve seen her grow from Hannah Montana to Can’t Be TamedBangerz, and Younger Now and saw an artist searching for her identity. With Plastic Hearts, she comes to terms with her rock sound and indicates that she’s far from being written off.

She’ll rock you!

While 2020 was the year where disco had its big return, Miley goes for a completely different sound. It’s still inspired by the ’70s and ’80s but instead of funky synthesizers and groovy basslines, Miley goes for thrilling guitar riffs and drums. “WTF Do I Know” immediately sets the record straight, Miley is completely back in business!

The best thing about Plastic Hearts is the diversity of vibes she’s serving while the album still feels like a coherent concept. “Hate Me”, “High”, and “Angels Like You” are a bit slower compared to “Plastic Hearts” and “Gimme What I Want”, but the contrast between those songs is so essential because they make it even more appealing to listen.

Classic to be

With only two singles before the album release, Miley took a risk but “Midnight Sky” and “Prisoner” were the perfect introduction to this new era in her career, and it’s somehow cool to listen to an album where you don’t already know all the singles. For example, the country-inspired rock anthem “Bad Karma” with Joan Jett is certainly an album-highlight together with the melancholic rock ballad “Never Be Me”, but the Billie Idol collab “Night Crawling” steals the show!

Mainstream media probably still doesn’t understand the cultural impact the 28-year-old singer has on pop culture. Plastic Hearts is another possible classic people will be listening to in twenty years. Miley is a fucking legend and has been turning heads in the industry for almost fifteen years already. Plastic Hearts is Miley at her best and is just the start of a new journey we love to join!

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