Maxim Meyer-Horn

20 Nov 2020

10 New Songs To Stream This Week

Every week, thousands of new songs get released. To help you find the treasures, we’re highlighting our ten favorite releases every week. From upcoming artists with great potential, to future hits from superstars. We’re introducing it all and have a new exciting selection for you.

1. Miley Cyrus & Dua Lipa – Prisoner

2020 was the year where all the superstars seemed to colabe with one other but only few songs turned out as exciting like Miley’s and Dua’s “Prisoner”. Dua had a major year with her highly praised lp Future Nostalgia and Miley Cyrus overawed everyone with her thrilling comeback single “Midnight Sky“, which made everyone excited for her new era.

In “Prisoner”, Miley and Dua show their most rugged side by melting pop and rock as if both genres only exist together. The two popdiva’s are truly bringing it and elevate each other to unseen hights. “Prisoner” is the eighties inspired rock-pop bop we needed in our life and probably has the HOTTEST videoclip of the year.

2. MARINA – Man’s World

Even without diamonds, MARINA is sparkling brighter than ever before. In 2012, she released her iconic popculture album Electra Heart and we’re still not over her songs “Bubblegum Bitch” or “Primadonna”. After her slightly underwhelming fourth record Love + Fear, MARINA prepares the release of her fifth lp set for early 2021 and releases the first single of this new chapter.

“Man’s World” is by far one of her greatest songs to date and gives us goosebumps every time we hear it. While the song starts rather slow, the song builds up to a fantastic melodic climax and gives us new faith in her. Welcome back MARINA!

3. Yseult – INDÉLÉBILE

French chanson is often quite out-dated, but Yseult is giving the genre a new breathe with her impressing songs and artistic vision. In our interview from March, Yseult stated that she wouldn’t sing or write a song she doesn’t feel emotionally connected too. Exactly that vulnerability makes her music so moving and empowering.

After “CORPS” and “BAD BOY” touched many hearts, Yseult releases the breathtaking piano ballad “INDÉLÉBILE”. The melody, the vocals and the fragility hit hard, and are another example why the singer is becoming the superstar she deserves to be. “INDÉLÉBILE” is probably our favourite song of her to date and there’s so much more to come.

4. Joanna feat. Jaylow – Demons

Joanna is Paris’ new exciting popstar and is ready to become a household name. The singer looks freaking badass, released her first project Vénus this year, and is certainly one of the artists to look out for in 2021.

In “Demons”, the singer mixes dark popsounds with her crystal clear voice, which results in a haunting ensemble that leaves no one ice cold. The accompanying visuals gave us goosebumps thanks to its amazing cinematography and eye for detail, but especially because it’s strengthens the vibe of the song.

5. Chess – Freak of a Geek

There’s a new intergalactic creature on our beloved earth, and her name is Chess. Originally of the planet Giesler 667 Cc, our new earthling is adapting herself to her new environment, and bundles her passion and desire for technology on her first song “Freak of a Geek”.

Chess is far from being an average pop-act, but is a flawless concept that slightly remind us of Grimes or Shygirl. In “Freak of a Geek”, the project explores an interesting soundscape by playing with different layers of musical elements. Chess plans to stay a little longer on our planet, and is already working an a new single… A daring project with a captivating debut.

6. Conducta & JGreyy – Time

Conducta is a frontrunner in UK Garage and his popularity is extending every day. The DJ and producer runs his own label Kiwi Records and organizes massively popular label nights in London. For his new track, he gets the help of London’s hottest new singer JGrrey, who already teased new music in our recent interview.

While partying is still not allowed, Conducta and JGrrey made the soon-to-be dance floor classic “Time”. The pumping beats in combination with JGrrey’s soft R&B voice are a perfect match, and makes our desire to party even bigger.

7. girl in red – two queens in a king size bed

Once Halloween is over, pumpkins make space for Christmas decoration and Mariah Carey is ready to get her check thanks to her iconic X-mas anthem. However, she has a new concurrent this year because Norwegian singer girl in red is serving the sweetest early Christmas present we could imagine.

“two queens in a king size bed” has everything we expect from a Christmas songs and makes us already look forward to celebrate Christmas with our loved ones (if that’s possible). It’s a cosy and warm song with a great eye for detail. We couldn’t imagine a better present from her before she starts the campaign of her debut album, which is expected in the first half of 2021.

8. Flohio – Sweet Flaws

Bow down for the new British queen of rap Flohio. The rap sensation emerged in the scene in 2016 and released banger after banger. While 2019 was her big year, her plans for 2020 were even bigger but she had to slow down for a bit. Luckily, she used the time to record new tracks which she finally bundles on her highly anticipated mixtape No Panic No Pain.

A week before the ten tracks counting project drops, we get the last foretaste “Sweet Flaws” and Flohio definitely gets us shook with this fire release. Her flow is unbeatable strong and sounds even more powerful thanks to the production of her regular collaborator Cadenza. Flohio doesn’t show any flaw on this track and will blow you away.

9. ADIV – Blue Gene

ADIV always loved to make music and worked for other artists for some time now but he finally decided to work on his own project. His newest single “Blue Gene” is an epic combination of old school R&B and neo soul, which makes us extremely weak.

ADIV certainly is one of our favourite discoveries of the week and knows how to impress us with both the production and his voice. “Blue Gene” is very original and is a little bit more accessible compared to his previous single “Time”. ADIV’s hunger to create more magical soundscapes isn’t satisfied yet and his first EP is on its way.

10. George Riley – TRIXXX

Always safe the best for the last might sound very cliché but it’s true. Vocalist George Riley is still a very new face to the scene and only released three singles prior to “TRIXXX”. The remarkable artist is determined to leave a lasting impression on her listeners and succeeds in her plan with her fourth single.

Riley is giving soul a new dimension by playing with the construction of her songs. “TRIXXX” has a very dark production which captivates from start to finish and gives her voice the opportunity to standout by putting it in contrast with the melody.

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