8 Apr
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This is The Netflix Series the Internet is Buzzing About

If you’ve been on Twitter, Facebook or instagram lately, you probably know what we’re talking about. This Netflix original, called ’13 reasons why’ has made internet buzzing! It even caused some controversy, as the story goes about a rather sensitive subject, suicide.

The Storyline

The action begins a few weeks after the death of Hannah Baker, a junior at a suburban high school. Clay -who’s played by Dylan Minnette-, a socially awkward classmate who had a crush on her, receives a shoe box full of vintage cassette tapes.

They contain Hannah’s descriptions of 13 traumatic events that led to her decision to kill herself, each addressed to the schoolmate or adult who caused that particular trauma. She’s left instructions that the box be passed from one tormentor to another, and Clay is late in the list, so most of the other people she accuses have already heard the tapes before he receives them.Clay now becomes a detective and is eager to find out what exactly happened.

What’s the buzz about?

In some countries, there’s a discussion going on about whether to show suicidal things in series or not. 13 Reasons Why gave that discussion a new life. We personally think everything should be possible to be shown, but we do understand that it can be a struggle for some people.

The other thing the internet is buzzing about, is just the story. 13 Reasons Why is one of those series that make you think. It makes you think about the consequences something you say can have on a person, even if you don’t fully realise it. It also just opens the conversation about bullying and it’s very recognizable for young people who are going through some rough times.

The series is available on Netlfix, but also online – if you’re a real badass. One last fun fact: the series is produced by Selena Gomez.


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