Maxim Meyer-Horn

30 Dec 2020

On Our Radar 2021: Unapologetic Singer Kelly Kiara

Kelly Kiara used 2020 to work on her craft and it’s just a matter of time before the British singer makes headlines with her sultry pop R&B. We already fell in love with her song “Sex Faces“, which we premiered earlier this year, and there are still many other big things to come very soon. With her debut mixtape ‘Hopeless Romantic’ set for 2020, her breakthrough is near, and we decided to call her one of our favorite upcoming artists to watch in 2021. In our get-to-know interview, Kelly Kiara talks about her music and all the things that inspire her.

You’ve done so many different things in 2020. Was this year a bad year for you?

No, because you have to make the most out of everything. It has obviously been heartbreaking to see people and the whole world go through difficult times, so it was probably hard to experience for everybody. I’ve tried to knuckle down and decided to get all my work done because I already have my focus on 2021. That’s something that really got me through this year.

Is there something specific that kept you going?

I would say the people I work with! I have a producer and record label that kept me going this year, and they motivated me to get better, so that was my number one source of support this year.

You also write songs for other artists like Mabel and Offset. What’s the difference between writing a song for yourself or someone else?

It’s depending on the fact if I have to write specifically for someone else. If I’m starting a song, and I don’t know who it’s going to be for, it depends on how personal I feel towards the song. When the song captures my personality or is about something personal to me, I wouldn’t want anyone else to sing. I tend to determine whether a song is for me and make sure that anything I write that goes to another artist, they would truly love. All the songs I send to others have something personal as part of their message. I tend to study a lot what the artist stands for and try to investigate what’s important to their project. It’s based on values and experiences.

Why do you think your song “Sex Faces” can be the ultimate sex anthem?

A sex anthem should make you feel good, liberated, not ashamed of feeling sexy, and not afraid of your sexuality. I feel like “WAP” and a lot of other Cardi B songs are a sex anthem to me because they’re so unapologetic, unafraid of being super sexual and bold. As a female, it’s really important for me to portray it because it’s something I admire in other females.

Your recent song “Down 4 U” has a very hot music video. Have u always felt sexy or was it a process?

First of all, thank you for saying that it’s a hot video. I think that it’s never an end goal that anybody achieves and then never goes back and forth. The process of being happy or happy within yourself in sexuality is never linear. It’s always with ups and downs and depends on how you feel on the inside on that day or whether you were stressed. There are a lot of things that come into feeling sexy, but my personal process is learning to love myself in different aspects. When you learn to accept the bad parts of your inside, you can start to love the outside of your body. That has personally been my journey.

Your songs can be described as a sultry mix between R&B and pop. Was that the music you listened to growing up?

I actually listened to Disney when I was a baby, so I have a lot of influences from ballads and pop music, I guess. As I got older, I listened a lot to my dad’s Motown music, my mom’s Celine Dion albums, and, of course, the radio. I guess you can say that the influences I grew up listening to were pop, Motown, and R&B.

In February 2021, you’re dropping your debut mixtape Hopeless Romantic. Are you a hopeless romantic?

I’m 100% a hopeless romantic. I definitely love romance, and I love the idealism of relationships. I would say I’m hopeless because I’m a Leo, so I’m very loyal and when I fall in love, I fall very deeply in love. That can make me do crazy things, so I guess that makes me a certified hopeless romantic.

What can we expect from the mixtape?

Soundwise, you can expect very soulful R&B and melodies. You can expect a lot of romantic storytelling because I tell a lot of stories of being in love, and I also talk about the empowerment of getting over somebody, the strength of being a woman. In terms of collaborations, there are no collaborations as of yet, but we still have time to potentially collaborate. We shall see about that …

The new year is near, so what are you manifesting for next year?

I’m just manifesting the continuity of my work and growth within the number of people I can reach out to with my music. I’m also looking for personal growth within myself to make sure that I stay happy. This year had a lot of ups and downs emotionally, so I’m looking to keep emotional stability as well next year.

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