Maxim Meyer-Horn

18 Feb

Premiere: Chloë Black Breaks her Silence in ‘Title Track’

Singer and pop starlet Chloë Black has been cooking some new things up for us lately, and she’s ready to move everyone with her new ballad. The Australian-French artist came on our radar last year with her impressive visuals and has won us over with her strong concepts. While her sound has always been uptempo so far, she’s slowing it down on “Title Track” to break the silence about the sexual assault she experienced ten years ago.

Sexual harassment is definitely not an easy topic to write a song about or visualize in a music video, but Chloë Black wanted to use her platform and creativity to tell us her story.

Embracing extreme vulnerability

The self-directed music video sees the singer perform between a cabin in the woods and a field of deer, which ended up with beautiful shots that take our breath away. Talking about the video, she says, “I was inspired by the parallels between prey animals and femininity for a long time. Sexual assault comes with almost insurmountable feelings of shame, guilt, and self-blame, so I thought it would be therapeutic to embrace this idea of extreme vulnerability.”

It’s inspiring to see a young artist use her platform and openly talk about her traumatic experiences. In our society, we’re still used to turning our lens on the victims instead of their predators, which is something Chloë visibly criticizes in the music video of “Title Track”. We’re moved and stunned by Chloë Black, a singer who’s definitely giving other people the courage to come forward with their experiences.

Directed, styled and edited by Chloë Black
Music produced and mixed by Carl Ryden
Cinematography by Shark And Palm and Benj Newton
Deer footage shot on location at Grand Canyon Deer Farm

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