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19 Jan
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Six Years Without Amy Winehouse

Get this: 2017 will mark the sixth year that we have been living without Amy Winehouse. To be honest, I still can’t grasp it. One of the first physical CD’s I’ve ever bought as a little munchkin, was her debut album ‘Frank’. Her sound is still as amazing as it ever was, and is a permanent part of my music collection. I have also always been intrigued with the person that was Amy Winehouse, having watched countless YouTube videos of this angel. Usually I don’t really believe in the whole biopic thing, and that’s also the reason why it took me such a long time to finally watch ‘Amy’. It wasn’t until a Friday night of me going through a bag of Doritos on the couch, surfing through TV channels and stumbling upon a channel that was going to air it.

Beautiful, put painful

As an Amy lover, it was absolutely amazing AND horrible at the same time. I don’t want to spoil too much, because I want you to just watch it. Basically, it shows Amy’s career/life from start to finish. There’s some raw footage that was taken by Amy, and it’s awfully painful but beautiful. There are also takes of family, friends and various celebrities who worked with her, talking about Amy. In between it also shows interviews with Amy, and some never before heard songs.

What I really like is that it’s completely objective, but certain things are treated with the appropriate amount of respect, what distinguishes it from juicy, sensational documentaries. Although director Asif Kapadia was criticized by father Winehouse, he did an amazing job. He really got to the core of who Amy Winehouse was, beyond the drugs and alcohol. Rather interesting is why Mr Mitch Winehouse distanced himself from the movie when it released, even though he also worked on it. My guess? He realized that people were going to see him for the – excuse me for my language – dirty pig that he was and probably still is.

Extremely upsetting

He has been blasted by fans multiple times for milking his daughters death. What struck me the most is how he treated her when she was still alive. I honestly believe that Amy’s father, and not to forget, ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil pushed her closer towards her death. I don’t even know where to begin about Blake, and it’s maybe for the best that I don’t. It sounds crazy, but I was so upset after watching this movie. When this guy was talking, he managed to get on every single nerve in my body. But that’s the strongest point of this biopic. If I was the director, I would have left out A LOT of things that the two before-mentioned have said. But it’s all included, even though the things they say are ridiculous. That’s why Mr Winehouse is upset, he can’t take back what he has said and done.

But there are also some lessons to learn from this movie. It shows how someone can be madly in love, and that love really IS blind. But what really teared me up and made me realize a lot of things, was her best friend Juliette Ashby. At a certain point and after going through a lot, Ashby took a step back from Winehouse. After not being in contact for a long time, Winehouse rang Ashby’s phone. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” is all Amy would say. Like a little child realizing what the consequences of her behavior have been, and trying to make things right with her best friend. But she never really got the chance, because a little while after that phone call, Amy passed away…

A must watch

There’s a lot more to this movie, I could keep going on for a while. I was, and still am, very upset and it hit some of my deepest emotions. That’s how you know it’s good. Even when I watch the trailer, I still get goosebumps. So, if you love Amy’s music, you should watch it. If you didn’t like who she was, you should DEFINITELY watch it. That’s all I can say. If you’re totally feeling the Amy-vibe right now, you can dig into the Grammy winning soundtrack to the film and listen to the whole thing below.


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