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4 Dec 2020

The 10 Best New Singles Of The Week

The last month of the year has started, and we’ve started the final countdown of 2020. Even though this weird year isn’t over yet, Spotify confronted us with their Spotify Wrapped. In case you’re a little bit too ashamed to share your top songs of the past twelve months, we selected ten songs you can proudly add to your playlist just like we did. (BTW, are you already following our brand-new Spotify playlist?)

1. Sylvie Kreusch — Wild Love

Sylvie Kreusch is born to be a muse. The Belgian singer embodies elegance, inviolability, and sex appeal with her music and knife-sharp visuals that are putting her on the map everywhere in the world. From Azzaro to Ann Demeulemeester and Vogue, everybody falls in love with the charm of Kreusch.

“Wild Love” might start rather slow but the build-up of the song is incredibly stunning. The way Sylvie pronounces the words and the way all the pieces of the song come together make this song a sensual experience you’ll carry close to your heart for a while. Absolute chef’s kiss!

2. Taska Black — Found Myself (feat. Tessa Dixson)

Antwerp-based DJ and producer Taska Black did his first Belgian collab this week with none other than Tessa Dixson. After releasing her debut album Genesis earlier this year, she seemed to be a perfect fit for “Found Myself”. Taska on the other hand may not be the most famous artist in Belgium, but he’s climbing the charts in the United States with his last single.

On “Found Myself” we get what we expected. Tessa steals the show, accompanied by a beat and an acoustic guitar. Taska Black did a great job by adding some strings, which gives a slightly emotional touch to the song. The single talks about (re)discovering your strengths in a relationship, which makes it sound very powerful.

3. Celeste — I’m Here

2020 was supposed to be the year of Celeste, but Covid turned everything upside down. The British singer had to push back the release of her debut album, but the wait is now finally over! Her first LP Not Your Muse is set to be released in February next year. To celebrate the announcement of this career-defining moment, she suddenly released a brand new track this week. “I’m Here” appeared out of the blue, but is once again a beautiful song.

“I’m Here” stands out because of the simplicity. The piano plays an important role and ensures an emotional touch. Celeste’s warm voice is the perfect answer for these dark times. During the song, we can also hear some additional strings, which is the icing on the cake. The British artist is ready to rule 2021, but for now, she’s a bright, hopeful light at the end of the tunnel.

4. Greentea Peng — Spells

There’s a new remarkable songstress in town, and she’s ready to be promoted to the A-league in the music scene. Greentea Peng used 2020 to introduce herself even more after she released her highly inspiring debut EP SENSI in 2018. Apart from a viral COLORS show, she released a handful of singles that were all appreciated by her fans and critics.

“Spells” is her send-off to 2020 and is probably the last release before she starts the campaign around her debut album. The sensual soul track has the psychedelic vibes that makes her sound so distinctive. “Spells” is very subtle but has a lovely edge that makes it so adorable.

5. Iliona — Reste

With Angèle and Lous and the Yakuza, Brussels already has two icons. Now they’re accompanied by Iliona Roulin. The new French pop gem is only 20 years old but has gained half a million streams in no time. As an early Christmas present, she released her fourth single “Reste”, which confirms our high expectations.

The piano remains an important instrument on the new single, but Iliona makes it a lot more electronic this time. She deforms her voice and manages to enchant us once again. “Reste” is a futuristic nostalgic song, that sounds very international. Iliona surely is one to watch in 2021!

6. Sam De Nef — Mother

Sam De Nef used lockdown to reinvent himself as an artist. As the frontman of Danny Blue & The Old Socks, he’s had great success, but the hunger for something different grew, and his solo project was born. Under his name, he signed a record deal and wrote a whole album that will be out next year.

“Mother” is a dark and intimate song that highlights his talent as a songwriter and singer. His deep voice is a gift to our ears and doesn’t need more than a simplistic but effective guitar tune. “Mother” is an ode to his mother and brings peace in these hectic times.

7. Valentina — Nature

The British-Italian singer Valentina scored a massive hit in 2011 with the dance floor classic “Gabriel”, but it took her a couple of years to find her musical path. This year, she celebrated her comeback with the release of her debut EP You Know Where My Happiness Went and she isn’t done releasing music yet.

Her new dark pop track “Nature” is a love letter to a close friend who was struggling with her mental health after a break-up and is a reminder of how important women are in her life. The floaty vocals take you to another galaxy, somewhere far away from reality. It’s hauntingly beautiful and must be the most wonderful gift she could give her friend.

8. Rasharn Powell — Freedom

If there’s one thing a human being longs for their whole life, it’s probably freedom because that’s the only thing that helps us move forward. That’s exactly what the upcoming London-based artist Rasharn Powell wanted to capture in his final release of this turbulent year.

“Freedom” is probably his strongest release so far and enthralls because of its exquisite production. The melodies have something positive and joyful, but the vocals make it sound a little bit more thoughtful. We hear his passion for music and feel there’s even more around the corner for Rasharn Powell. What a way of ending twelve instructive months.

9. BYFYN — What’s Stopping You?

BYFYN labels herself as a captivating synth-pop beast, and we can confirm that. The British artist is preparing the release of her new EP In Blue With You by releasing a magnetizing music video for her new song “What’s Stopping You?”, which was co-directed by Stella Kailidis.

The song itself is about the frustrating feeling that nothing is stopping you from achieving what you want, apart from yourself and your anxiety. The euphoric synths clash with the dreamy melodies that emerge as a rising sun. The contrast works incredibly well and takes you on an unforgettable musical journey, which will continue with the release of her EP next Wednesday.

10. Finn Askew — Same Old Love

There are a lot of hidden talents in the United Kingdom, and Finn Askew is without any doubt one of them. The 19-year-old singer was included in VEVO’s ones to watch list, so he has something to celebrate. Next month he’ll release his new EP Peach. After the successes of “Roses” and “Peach”, the third single “Same Old Love” is undoubtedly the next big step in his career.

It may be cold as fuck outside, but thanks to Finn, the temperature rises. “Same Old Love” is a catchy, experimental, and electronic-tinted song about a broken heart. Even though the subject isn’t that bright, the British singer succeeds to make you smile. A big mix of genres, a warm feeling, and happy vibes: that’s the successful formula of Finn Askew.

Co-written by Lucas Palmans

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