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24 Sep

The 10 Best Releases of the Week

We’ve entered the last months of the year, which usually means that many artists want to release new music to introduce a new album or get ready for a new tour. Every week, we pick the best songs of the week that surprised, moved, or electrified us to guide you through the big amount of releases. So turn up the volume because we discovered some true gems this week that deserve a spot on your Spotify playlist.

1. Sam Smith and Kim Petras — Unholy

Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ collaboration was a world hit before the song was even out at all. Thanks to TikTok, “Unholy” already became a huge trend, which we finally get to experience in full glory, and we are anything but disappointed. The chorus gets another boost thanks to Sam and Kim’s verses, so we can already say: this is a gigantic hit.

2. Zoe Wees — Daddy’s Eyes

On “Daddy’s Eyes,” 20-year-old Zoe Wees gives a very personal insight into her childhood. Namely, she grew up without a father and decided to collect all the accompanying emotions in a powerful pop track, which will no doubt give goosebumps to anyone with the same fate. Her unmistakable voice and the very strong composition make “Daddy’s Eyes” an emotional rollercoaster ride, which may well earn her a new radio hit.

3. Chibi Ichigo — Prachtig

Chibi Ichigo sets the final straight line toward her debut album Sabina with her new single “Beautiful.” Before we get the project on Oct. 14, we get to rave once again on her new track, which ticks off all the important boxes to convince us. The production by UM! and Jeroen Depessemier provide a delicious counterbalance to Chibi’s lyrics. Volume on maximum and just dance.

4. Fred again.. — Blue (better with time)

The hype around Fred again.. continues to grow. His European tour sold out within minutes, but everyone who couldn’t get a ticket is getting a big-time makeover. “Blue (better with time)” shows why everyone is so captivated by the producer, who again transforms samples and beats into a danceable whole. The unique approach of the British producer and multi-instrumentalist continues to set him apart.

5. Majé — Glitter Love

Majé does sound like the Belgian answer to Lizzo with her new single “Glitter Love”.  The groovy bass line immediately gives us nostalgic feelings but still feels colorful thanks to her voice and completely gets us off our seats for some dancing. We spontaneously pull out our matching pass for this swinging track, which introduces us to Majé’s talent.

6. Kito and Banks — Sad Girl Music

Banks is mostly known for her dark pop but goes for a slightly more upbeat sound on Kito’s production. “Sad Girl Music” doesn’t quite live up to its name, as anyone expecting a sad melody is in for a treat. Instead, a very danceable arsenal of beats make their way through our ear canals and soon finds our hearts. Especially the vocal line of the chorus stays in your head and is exactly what we expect from a good pop chorus.

7. ROYA — Kinda Sad

This week we were introduced to the Danish duo ROYA, consisting of singer Line Gade and producer Sebastian Igens. Their new single “Kinda Sad” is for anyone who drunkenly lays on the kitchen floor crying for their ex. With an irresistibly catchy chorus, they effortlessly glue any broken heart back together. We already can’t get “Kinda Sad” out of our heads.

8. Barny Fletcher — Intergirlactic

A lot has happened since we interviewed Barny Fletcher at Pukkelpop in 2019. Fortunately, he came back on our radar with the announcement of his new mixtape JETPACK (Oct. 19), from which we get another very fun single with “Intergirlactic”. His vocal lines have a youthful flow, and the playful melodies add some funk to the whole. Barny Fletcher is taking off again, and we’re here for it.

9. Isabella Lovestory — Exibisionista

Isabella Lovestory effortlessly winds us around her finger with her new pitch “Exibisionista”, as it is not just the song that grabs our attention. The accompanying music video is a dream for anyone who loves sex and glitter, which also fits the mood of the track perfectly. The reggaeton beats and seductive Spanish vocals soon make us sweat. Hot!

10. sunsetto and Calabasas — on the side

The combination between alt-R&B and lo-fi beats is still a golden combination, which has already earned sunsetto many fans. This time, he collaborated with Calabasas (Kanye West, Marc E Bassy). Together with them, he created a very cozy atmosphere on “on the side” that found its great strength in its subtlety. Sunsetto makes music that is the best soundtrack for both a sunrise and sunset.

Picture of Isabella Lovestory by Samuel Ibram

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