Maxim Meyer-Horn

4 Jun 2021

The 10 Best Songs To Blast Through Your Speakers This Week

After months without live shows, there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel. Some festivals announced that they’re hoping to welcome music fans this summer and artists are preparing for venues to reopen. To guide you through the load of weekly releases, we selected our ten favorite songs that we hope to hear live soon. To make it even easier for you, we bundled them in our Spotify playlist.

1. Billie Eilish — Lost Cause

One day was enough to sell out Billie Eilish’s next arena tour due for 2022. While many speculated that her popularity already achieved its peak with her debut album, the hype around the sensational superstar hasn’t settled down yet.

It’s far from easy to create a body of work that succeeds the high expectations, especially when a lot of people want to see you fail. Luckily, “Lost Cause” is another adorable song that can only be loved. The song is combining the best elements of her debut album and debut EP, which makes it a thrilling song that will mesmerize you once more.

2. David Numwami — Milky Way

Earlier this year, we introduced eight upcoming acts in our ‘On Our Radar’ feature, and David Numwami was one of them. The Belgian multi-instrumentalist and artist loves to create songs that are intriguing and subtle at the same time, which is exactly what he’s doing on his newest single.

If you’re a fan of lo-fi electropop, you’ll immediately adore the genius production of “Milky Way”. With its quirky sound effects and laidback vocal lines, the song is radiating a sense of calmness and is the perfect way to relax after a long day of working/doing nothing.

3. Jungle — TALK ABOUT IT

There are only a few bands that spread as many summer vibes as the London-based formation Jungle. Since 2013, the group makes the most addictive songs that invite millions of people to dance. With their amazing live reputation and a new album coming up, everybody is counting down the days until the band returns to a big stage.

Just like on their last single “KEEP MOVING”, there are a lot of eclectic sounds on “TALK ABOUT IT” that are so fun to listen to. The new single helps you escape from everything around you, and that’s exactly what people are longing for in times like these.

4. Jessie Ware — Hot N Heavy

The British singer-songwriter Jessie Ware has already released four albums, won multiple awards, and has played in sold-out venues all around the world. We even had a chat with her about her fourth record What’s Your Pleasure, which came out in 2020. 

As part of the deluxe offering of her 2020 album, Jessie Ware released “Hot N Heavy”, a soulful dance track from What’s Your Pleasure? The Platinum Pleasure Edition, out June 11. “Hot N Heavy” is a mix of 80s electronica and pop modern sensibilities, bringing back the thrilling dancehall energy we love.

5. Hearteyes and 8485 — F.U.A

Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Maurice Santiago aka Hearteyes is one of Australia’s most unique artists. He’s had a long history of traversing through the underground Australian music scene and released a handful of acclaimed mixtapes and projects within the Australian underground. 

Now Hearteyes is back with his new single “F.U.A.” featuring the Canadian hyperpop star 8485. The track serves as a raucous punk-anthem, and Hearteyes states it’s “about acknowledging and accepting the variables for a relationship’s end and the subsequent coping mechanisms people have in dealing with it.” The latest project of Hearteyes Headbangers 2 will be out on July 16.

6. Aziya — Blood

21-year-old London-based artist and model Aziya stormed onto the music scene with the release of her debut single “Slip!”, followed by the psychedelic “Heaven For Me”. Both singles are part of her debut EP We Speak Of Tides, out July 2, and her newest track “Blood” serves as the lead single from the project.

With its anthem-energy, “Blood” makes the perfect lead single for her debut EP. The accompanying music video sees Aziya navigate a frenzied night out in which she meets bloody creatures, symbolizing the toxicity and chaos that selfishness in close relationships can bring. 

7. TORA-i — Serial

Hailing from London, Tora-i released her debut EP Cavalier, garnering press support from the likes of i-D, The Fader, and Colors. Additionally, she kicked off the year as part of Complex Uk’s “RnB Artists To Watch in 2021”. And now she graces 2021 with her first single of the year “Serial”. 

“Serial” is a deeply moving track that touches on a personal tale of discovering who you are and the growth that comes with that. It’s a warm song filled with a nostalgic feeling and beauty. Tora-i herself describes “Serial” as “the initial reaction to realizing that everything that you once thought to be true was not. Fights, flights, or blindly both.”

8. Archie X — Better Off

With their two radio singles “Karma Sucks” and “Loud Boy”, Archie X took off with a great start. Charline D’hoore and Tom Lodewyckx met during Charline’s participation at The Voice and Warner Music Belgium quickly discovered them.

On their new single “Better Off”, we get catchy pop melodies that slightly remind us of Scandinavian pop. The groovy bass line gets stuck in your head immediately and dares you to get lost in the moment. Archie X is really on their way to an international breakthrough.

9. BIMINI — God Save This Queen

Release the beast because it’s Bimini Bon Boulash’s time to shine. After starring in the phenomenal second season of Drag Race UK, the legendary queen already announced that they wanted to continue with music, and it’s exactly what we expected … LEGENDARY.

Bimini is ready for their crowning with the incredibly fun “God Save This Queen”. Inspired by pop-punk and hip-hop, the song addresses being non-binary and breaking boundaries. Most importantly, this song is not just meant to be a gimmick but truly is just a good song.

10. Umbra — Blue

Belgium is full of talented and avant-garde artists, and Umbra is no exception. With his debut single “Blue”, the Brussels-based producer creates his very own universe in which frenetic and emotional sounds merge into a refined, organic project.

Bringing Umbra’s sonic identity to life, “Blue” sets the tone of his debut EP And We Finally Heard Them Singing, due to drop on June 25th via Magma Records. Make sure to keep an eye out for this electronica gem!

Co-written by Mira Van Lierop and Diane Theunissen
Pictures by Kelia Anne Maccluskey

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